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Aikido combines elements of self-defense, physical fitness, and a non-violent philosophy into a modern martial art. The Western Aikido Club concentrates on basic movements and techniques, many of which have practical self-defense applications. We are open to all skill and fitness levels. Come wearing comfortable clothes that allow for plenty of movement and stretching.

About the President

Hi my name is Benjamin! I've been practicing aikido for the past two years and I love that aikido is focused on relaxation and working with a partner. After having practiced judo for more than 20 years it's fun to start something new and different. I was attracted to aikido in high school when I heard that it's used by the Japanese police force. Although this real world component is what attracted me to aikido, the things that made me stay are the instructors and the other students. Although I heard about aikido in high school, I didn't end up trying it until grad school. Now, I'm a PhD candidate in Medical Biophysics and I enjoy board games and pie which is definitely reflected in our social events.

Past Events


Fall term (Sep-Dec) = $45 + HST
Winter term (Jan-Apr) = $45 + HST
Fall/Winter term (Sep-Apr) = $75 + HST

For club information contact westernakidioclub@gmail.com

Aikido Club - Practice Schedule:

Sport Club practices for Fall 2018 begin on Sunday Sept 23, and will conclude on Saturday Dec. 1, 2018.
Practices for the Winter 2019 term resume on Monday January 7 and conclude on Sunday March 31. 2019.

Wednesday 7:30-9:00pm (WSRC Studio #2)
Friday 6:30 - 8:00 pm (WSRC Studio #2)
Sunday 10:00-11:30am (WSRC Studio #2)

**Cancelled Dates**

Fall Reading Week - October 12-19, 2019
Winter Reading Week - February 15-22, 2020


Club registration is available at Campus Recreation, Membership Services in the Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC). Membership in Sport Clubs is open to Western students and fee-paying adults (minimum 18 years of age) who have a valid Campus Recreation membership.

* Click here to register now!

Refund Policy

All memberships will be refunded within 14 days of purchase, minus a 10% administration fee*. After this 14-day trial period, partial refunds will be issued for medical reasons only (with written documentation).

*The 10% administration fee may be waived if transferring to another program/Club or leaving a credit on account for future purchases.


On occasion, certain facilities may not be available due to maintenance, special events, etc. Campus Recreation will provide notice whenever possible, but memberships will not be extended.