Western Campus Recreation

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are provisionally scheduled to start in the fall 2021. Continue to check the Sport Clubs web site and the individual club pages for additional infomation as it becomes available.  


Western Campus Recreation offers a unique opportunity for the Western student community through the provision of Recreation Sport Clubs. Recreation Sport Clubs allows students to organize and manage their own Clubs to further their recreational experience in sports and physical activity in which they feel passionate about.

A Western Campus Recreation Sport Club is a sanctioned organization, established by students who share a common interest in a particular sport or physical activity. Sport Clubs provide instruction and skill development, student leadership development, and/or competition. They are designed to enhance the Western University experience and promote life-long learning and appreciation for physical activity, leadership, and service.

Student leaders through an established Sport Club Executive provides the backbone, success, and stability of the Sport Club experience. Student leaders take responsibility for a number of administrative and organizational activities that are closely monitored and evaluated to ensure a Club's long-term viability. More information and resources for Sport Club Executive Officers can be found from the Clubs Resources Section of this site.

Club registration is available at Campus Recreation, Membership Services in the Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC). Membership in Sport Clubs is open to Western students and fee-paying adults (minimum 18 years of age) who have a valid annual Western Student Recreation Centre - Campus Recreation membership. This Membership must run the entire academic year from Sept to April inclusively.