Group Fitness Information

Registered Group Fitness

3 Options

  1. Register for a single class on a specific day and time. Registering for a single class means you are signed up for a class on a specific day and time. For example, registering for one Zumba class means you attend classes for the timeslot you registered for. It does not mean you are eligible to attend one Zumba class any day you choose.

All classes are 50 minutes in length and will take place in the assigned rooms as noted on the schedule.

Cost: $14.99 + HST for a 5-8 week session      

Cost per class: $3.00


  1. Flex Pass. Purchase a flex pass at the membership services desk. This pass will allow you to attend 10 registered group fitness classes. Passes are valid from September 3, 2019 – April 8, 2020. Passes can be shared between friends.

Cost: $39.99 + HST for a card of 10

Cost per class: $4.00


  1. Registered Fitness Class - Single class pass. Visit the membership services desk on the day of the class to purchase a single class pass. Keep your receipt as this is your entry ticket. This will allow you to attend one single class for one day. Only valid on the day of purchase.

Cost: $4.99 + HST          

Cost per class: $5.00


Dates for 2022 classes coming soon.


Check out the schedule on our app or online. 



You may choose from a variety of group fitness classes! View the schedule and class descriptions page to find out more. 


This session will follow the same format as previous sessions. Registering for one class means you are registering for a class on a specific day and time. For example, registering for one Zumba class means you attend Zumba classes on the day and time you register for. It does not mean you are eligible to attend one Zumba class any day you choose.

All classes are 50 minutes in length and will take place in the assigned rooms as noted on the schedule.


Registration is available on a first-come, first-serve basis in person at the Western Student Recreation Centre Welcome Desk or online at


Spring/Summer Group Fitness FAQs

  1. If I sign up for one class per week, does that mean each week I can attend any one class of my choice?

No. You will register for and attend the class(es) on the day(s) and time(s) you sign up for. For example, if you’re interested in Cycling, you will register for the class day and time that fits your schedule and attend those scheduled days and times throughout the session.

  1. How is it ensured that I will get the classes I paid for?

We do not overbook classes. Class sizes will be adhered to ensuring the spot you paid for is yours for the session. 

  1. What happens if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, due to the size of facilities, the number of registrants and the amount of available equipment, participants cannot attend a missed class on another day.  We understand there will be a few occasions where you will miss classes, and we have tried to take this into account when pricing our classes.

  1. Can I mix and match which classes I register for or do I have to sign up for the same type of class?

You can absolutely mix and match your registration choices! In fact, this is strongly encouraged! Cross-training and variation in workout routine promotes greater health benefits versus just doing the same type of training. We should all be incorporating some cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training into our weekly fitness regime. Please keep in mind that all of your class choices need to be determined at the time of registration.

  1. Since all classes have a minimum number of participants, how will I know if the class I signed up for is running?

Classes have a minimum and maximum number of participants as follows: all spin and studio classes have a minimum of 10 participants. If the class you signed up for did not attract enough participants, you will be notified by email as soon as possible. We also use this email list in the infrequent event of a class cancellation due to unavailable instructors. Given the need to meet class registration minimums, help us spread the word! Bring a friend (or two)!

  1. What happens if the classes I want to sign up for are full?

Once classes are full, the Western Student Recreation Centre will begin a waitlist. You can ask that your name be added to this list. If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted. Typically, as the session progresses, we see a drop in attendance. As this occurs, we will open up spots appropriately. You may choose to join the class at this time at a prorated fee, paying only for the number of remaining classes.

  1. What qualifications do instructors hold?

Instructors have a wide range of education, certifications and experiences.

  1. How will I be notified of class cancellations should they occur?

In the event of instructor absence, we will make every effort to find a replacement instructor. We also try our best to offer the same type of class. However, due to instructor availability, this may not always be possible. If a class is cancelled, we will try our best to provide you with notification via email as soon as possible. We will send you an email that allows you to attend another registered class that week to make up for this class.

  1. What if something comes up throughout the session and I should need a refund or need to switch classes?

We do not offer refunds on group fitness as our classes are running based on a minimum number of participants. If something happens and the class you have registered for does not fit into your schedule anymore, we will allow you to transfer into another class free of charge.

  1. What if I only want to attend one class?

We offer a registered fitness day pass. Visit the welcome desk to purchase a single class pass for $5. This will allow you to attend one single class for one day.

  1. Why it is a 5-7 week session and not for the whole semester?

We changed to shorter sessions due to student feedback. Many students felt they could make a commitment for the first half of the semester, but not the second half, when mid-terms and assignments are due.

  1. I am an annual paying member... do I have to pay to attend group fitness classes?
Annual members receive either two free registrations per session OR one flex pass per session. Visit the membership services desk for more information.


Please direct any further questions to the Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness, Michelle Harvey


Spring/Summer Free Video Group Fitness Class Information

How many classes per week do you offer?

The number of classes varies each week depending on the length of each class. Since September 2017, we have been averaging over 100 classes per week.

Originally, we did not have an option for spin however we have now installed a fitness on-demand portal in spin. This will allow us to offer spin video classes.

How can see what type of classes are offered?

If you download our app or go to our web site you can find the link that will show the schedule for the studio classes and our new spin classes. If you click on each class title you are able to view a description and also a short YouTube video of that class. Classes vary from day to day, so you will never get bored with your workout.

What types of classes are offered and when?

Fitness on Demand has over 290 classes for us to program. Each month new classes are added and we have the option of adding additional classes at any time. If you have a type of program you would like us to add please email and communicate with us. We love hearing your feedback. Currently, we have cycling, cardio, strength, dance, and flexibility.

At my home gym everything is included, why can’t Campus Recreation operate like that?

As full-time students, you pay $12.65 per month for your membership at the Western Student Recreation Center. Most community gyms have membership costs that are double or triple our current rate. Membership rates at other community facilities similar to ours range from $30-$75 per month. Higher membership rates allow facilities to offer a wider variety of programming. We would love to be able to include everything but it is just not possible.