Captain's Information

Administrative Responsibilities of the Team Captain

• Appear on the team’s roster.
• Must be a Campus Recreation member.
• Complete the necessary forms, enter your team in the desired sport by the entry deadline and pay necessary entry fees by the deadline.
• Complete the Intramural "Quiz" and respond to the playoff email.
• Ensure that the team's roster is completed on IMLeagues (link) by the roster close deadline. ‘Completed’ means 1. Each player has accepted the invite to join the team on IMLeagues and has an active IMLeagues account; 2. Each player has read and signed the participation waiver on IMLeagues; 3. Each player has passed the sport specific quiz.  
• Know and understand the eligibility, league and house rules for your corresponding sport.
• Inform teammates of sport rules, policies and procedures.
• Ensure that all players on your roster abide by rules to avoid problems during the season.
• Ensure all players are eligible to participate.
• Notify all team members regarding place, date, and time of contests and any changes that occur.
• Notify the Intramural sport convener if your team is unable to play, at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled game (72 hours for Inner-tube Waterpolo).

Intramural Quiz - Process for the Captain's Meeting

Following the close of registration (Tuesday, September 17) the captain will receive an invitation from IMLeagues (our scheduling website) via email from the Intramural sport convener inviting you to join your team that your Intramural sport convener has created under your name. This email invite will be sent to the email you registered with. Please log in to IMLeagues (or create an account if you do not already have one) and on your Home Page you will see a “Pending Invitation” to join the team, click on this invitation.

You then must pass a Quiz to join your team’s roster. There are links to the information required to answer the Quiz questions which you will need to open in new tabs/windows in your browser.  A minimum score of 18/23 is required in order to be added to your team’s roster. If this score is not achieved, you will have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the Quiz. Once you pass the Quiz, you must read and accept our waiver to play Intramural Sports at Western University. You have now been added to your team’s roster. Once the Intramural sport convener has made you captain on your roster (does not happen automatically, usually done within 24 hours of passing quiz), you will be able to invite your teammates via email. Please note that the Quiz is not an exhaustive list of all of our Policies and Procedures. The link provided will show all IMS Policies and Procedures. 

Once you invite your teammates via email through IMLeagues, your teammates will also have to complete a Quiz to join your team’s roster. A minimum score of 18/23 is required in order to be added to the team’s roster. If this score is not achieved, they will have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the Quiz. Once they pass the Quiz, they must read and accept our waiver to play Intramural Sports at Western University.

Schedules will be posted by Friday, September 20 by 12pm at the latest. The first game of the season will begin the week of Sunday, September 22.   

If you have any questions, please visit our website under the Campus Recreation —> Intramurals tab for the answer before emailing your Intramural Sport Convener or Program Coordinator.

Team Name/Photo/Uniform Policy

Campus Recreation is committed to assuring that its programs are free from discriminatory, inappropriate, and disrespectful conduct or communication. We respect the rights of all students, staff and faculty to learn, play and work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. The Intramural Sports program, reserves the right to reject and request a name/photo/uniform change when inappropriate content is used by any participant team.

When choosing a team name/photo/uniform, please ensure it is in good taste and is not offensive to individuals or groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, culture or gender identity & expression. Team names/photos/uniforms must not contain profanity, racial slurs, sexual innuendo, references to drugs or alcohol, or other words that may be offensive, discriminatory or otherwise degrading in nature.

In the event a team name is rejected, we will change the team name to the captain’s last name and provide the captain an opportunity to choose a new one. Should the captain be unable to submit an appropriate new team name, the team name will remain named with the captain’s last name for the duration of the season. In the event is team photo is rejected, we will remove the team photo and provide the captain an opportunity to choose a new one.  Should the captain be unable to submit an appropriate new team photo, the team will be without a team photo for the duration of the season.

Campus Recreation reserves the right to reject and/or modify any team uniform that does not comply with the preceding regulations. Campus Recreation will not be held responsible for any loss, monetary or otherwise, as a result of an alteration to a uniform made by the department. Please keep the above in mind if/when purchasing team uniforms. It would be prudent to wait to see if your team name is accepted before purchasing uniforms, or email us ahead of time at if you are unsure and under time constraints.

Please refrain from wearing any inappropriate clothing/jerseys/uniforms that may be considered offensive based on the guidelines above while participating in intramurals sports.

Game Day Responsibilities of the Team

• Assign and designate a co-captain from your roster to act in your capacity if you are unable to attend or play in the contest (you do not need to notify us if/when this occurs).
• Present yourself to the official prior to the contest beginning.
• Maintain control over team members and spectators before, during, and after the competition.
• Ensure that you sign the game sheet. Please understand that once you do so, the score of the contest and all other information on the game sheet is official. If you do not agree with the final score please do not sign the sheet and notify your Intramural sport convener that you are protesting the score. Please also check that all of your players have been correctly signed in at each game as this affects eligibility for playoffs.

Game Day Responsibilities of All Participants

• Arrive for your game, on time, ready to play, with appropriate attire and valid photo ID.
• Participants must sign in with an official within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled game time start.
• A participant must take part in the competition in order for it to count as a game played i.e. they must be on the field of play during running game time.
• It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that their name on IMLeagues matches the name of the photo ID they are using to sign into a game.
• Follow all the rules and policies of the facility and obey the official’s instructions.

Roster Close Dates

Please note: An incomplete roster (adding any player after this deadline for any reason) will result in the loss of half of a team’s performance bond (i.e., incomplete roster violation). It is the responsibility of the Captain to make sure their roster is completed by the roster close date and to identify any "technical difficulties" they may be having to their Intramural sport convener prior to this date.

League / Term

Rosters Close

Summer 2024

Mon Jul 15, 2024 @ 11:59pm

Fall 2024

Fri Nov 1, 2024 @ 11:59pm

Winter 2025

Fri Feb 14, 2025 @ 11:59pm

*Please note that the Roster Close Date for the Fall 2024/Winter 2025 Ice Hockey Leagues will be Mon Nov 18, 2024 @ 11:59pm

Captain's Online Playoff Meetings

An email with playoff information will be sent out to all captains by the Intramural sport convener no later than one week before playoffs are scheduled to begin.

Captains must email the convener back with their name, team name and division to confirm they have read the email.  Please note: Failure to respond to the online playoffs captain’s meeting will result in the loss of half of the performance bond.

Performance Bond Policy and Refund Dates

• Each team must pay a mandatory performance bond fee (specific to sport/league) collected at registration. One default, captain fails to respond to the captain's online playoff meeting email, incomplete roster violation or multiple game suspension will result in the loss of half of a team’s performance bond.
• The performance bond is put in place to ensure that teams show up with the required number of participants to each of their league games.
• The bond ensures that captains respond to the required captain's online playoff meeting email, that each team roster is complete and filled out correctly with correct names, prior to the roster close date.
• The bond also discourages actions warranting multiple game suspensions or use of ineligible players.
• If a team does not default, the captain replies by email to the mandatory captain's online playoff meeting, has a complete roster by the roster close deadline, and incurs no multiple game suspensions for player conduct/game violations, the entire performance bond will be available for refund at the end of the semester/season by email, prior to the deadline; by the person who originally paid for the team.

Please note:
• Only the people who have paid for the course (team) are entitled to the refund (unless they notify us otherwise).
• Discrepancies as to the amount of your performance bond refund must be identified prior to the Last Day of Bond Pick Up by emailing

2 Strikes and You’re Out:

1st Strike – team loses half of their performance bond.
2nd Strike – team loses the other half of their performance bond (and will now have no performance bond left).

When a team loses their entire performance bond due to defaults, captain doesn't respond to the captain's online playoff meeting email, incomplete roster, or multiple game player suspensions, the team can be removed from the league immediately or at the end of the regular season (at the sport convener’s discretion) without refund. To be considered for reinstatement in the league the captain must meet with the Intramural Program Coordinator. A meeting with the Intramural Program Coordinator DOES NOT guarantee reinstatement in the league.

Performance Bond Payback: If your team shows up for your game and the other team defaults, your team will receive a small part of your opponent’s performance bond. 

Performance Bond Refund Dates


Refunds Available

* Last Date to Pick Up * Performance Bond Refunds

Summer 2024

Wed Sept 4, 2024

Mon Sep 30, 2024

Fall 2024

Wed Dec 4, 2024

Fri 14, 2025

Winter 2025

Wed April 2, 2025

Thurs Apr 24, 2025