Locker & Towel Service

Summer 2022 Locker Sales and Towel Service:

Towel service will be available for purchase at the Membership Services desk for the Summer 2022 term (May 1 - August 28, 2022) for $50 (taxes included).

Day-use lockers only will be available for the Summer 2022 term. Locker sales will resume in Fall 2022.


**Please note that the information below is outdated and will be revisited prior to the Fall 2022 term**

Is your bag overflowing or you regularly forget some workout essentails at home? Store your stuff here!

We offer full and half size rental lockers in both the men's and women's locker rooms. Our Locker Rental Service can be purchased at Membership Services. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque (payable to UWO), MasterCard, Visa, or Direct Debit.

Regular full-time staff/faculty may purchase an annual locker service via monthly payroll deduction. All new services are charged a $10 refundable lock deposit. Members are issued a lock (deposit required) and a specific location.


Our staff will open lockers that are not renewed or cleaned out on or before their expiry date. The contents of the locker will be bagged and stored for 30 days. After 30 days, the contents will be donated to charity. It is the responsibility of the member to renew their service on or before the expiry date.

All lockers and locks are the property of The University of Western Ontario. Any person causing malicious damage to the facility or equipment in the facility will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement costs of such damage.

Campus Recreation and Western University are NOT responsible for the loss or damage of items left in lockers before or after the service expiration date.

Lockers are non transferable.  Members are only eligible to rent one rental locker at a time. 

Belongings must be contained within the rental units
Service Type
1 Term
2 Terms
3 Terms (Annual)
Full Locker
Half Locker
* All new services are subject to a $10 refundable lock fee. Locks are provided on all rental units.
Price HST. Prices in effect as of January 1, 2022. 
Sales / Clean-out Dates
New Sales Begin
Expiration Date
Clean-out Period *
* No new sales or renewals can occur during the Locker Clean-out Period.


A limited number of lockers are also available for day use (in each locker room and throughout the facility).Customers may bring their own locks, or rent/purchase a lock from Membership Services.Locks cannot be left overnight on day-use lockers. Always use a lock and avoid leaving valuable visible and unattended; Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

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Towel service is an added convenience for members not wanting to drag wet towels home in their bag. Our towel service allows members unlimited towel usage for the duration of the service, one towel at a time.

Payment is accepted by cash, cheque (payable to UWO), MasterCard, Visa, or Direct Debit. Regular full-time staff/faculty may purchase an annual towel service monthly payroll deduction.

You must present your membership card to pick-up AND drop off towels at the Equipment Desk.

 $1.33 + HST
Monthly: $11.03 + HST
Prices in effect until April 30, 2019.

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