Western Campus Recreation

Jobs/Employment OPENINGS - DEADLINES ARE ALL DELAYED, please check back in mid March 2021 for more details.


Dates/deadlines will be adjusted for 2021-22 hiring year. Please check back for more information. The majority of positions have not yet opened.

Campus Recreation has a wide range of employment, volunteer and work-study opportunities. Positions may become available for the following departments:

Membership Services
Fitness & Wellness
Intramural Sports
Sport Western
Sports Information
Event Staff and Mustangs TV

Job postings can be found online NOW at:

Human Resources site
Work Study site

Our hiring timelines are generally as follows:


Positions Posted/Closed


 All Spring/Summer & Fall Student Recreation Services Jobs Posted

 Aquatics Jobs Posted (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)

 Intramural Sports Official Posted (Spring/Summer)

 Intramural Sports Convener Posted (Fall/Winter) 

 Intramural Sports Official Posted (Fall/Winter)

 Intramural Ice Hockey Official Posted (Fall/Winter)

 Membership Services Jobs Posted (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)


 Student Recreation Services Job Postings close

 Aquatics & Membership Services Jobs close

 Sports Information Jobs close

 Sport Western Jobs close

 Event Staff and Mustangs TV Team jobs posted


 Intramural Sports Convener (Spring/Summer) closes


 Intramural Sports Official (Spring/Summer) closes


 Sport Club Assistant Hiring 

 Intramural Sports Official (Fall/Winter) closes

 Intramural Ice Hockey Official (Fall/Winter) closes


 Sport Club Instructors Hiring 

 Intramural Sports Team Leader Posted (Fall/Winter)

 Student Recreation Services Positions Start


 Sport Western March Break and Summer Staff Postings Open 

*Work Study students are hired throughout the year and summer positions will be open in May. Anyone interested in a Work Study position can find postings on the work study job bank


TIMELINES WILL BE DIFFERENT for 2021-22, due to the current pandemic. Please check with your supervisor, or watch for jobs to be posted online on the Western Human Resources site.

Membership Services Hiring Timeline: 

Fitness & Wellness Hiring Timeline:

Intramural Sports Hiring Timeline: 

Sport Western Hiring Timeline: 

Aquatics Hiring Timeline: 

Sports Information Hiring Timeline: 

Event Staff & Mustangs TV Timeline: 

Job postings can be found online at:

Human Resources site
Work Study site

To view Student Roles, once into the Western HR site, click on 'Student' in the upper left hand corner.