Diversity Requirements

The Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature requires students to take at least a 0.5 course in the literature of diversity. This can be done concurrently while completing another requirement (for example, 3200F/G may be counted as both a theory course and a diversity course; 3320F/G may be counted as both a pre-1800 course and a diversity course).

The list below includes all regular courses which can be counted toward the diversity requirement. Certain Special Topics and 4000-level Seminar courses may also be applicable to this requirement, in which case please contact the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

English 2017 - Reading Popular Culture
English 2164E - Human Rights and Creative Practices
English 2601E - Global Literatures in English Survey
English 3200F/G - Feminist Literary Theory
English 3201F/G - Introduction to Cultural Studies
English 3202F/G - National and Global Perspectives on Cultural Studies
English 3204F/G - Critical Race Theory
English 3316E - Love in the Middle Ages
English 3320F/G - Desire in the Renaissance
English 3342F/G - Body, Soul and Person in the Eighteenth Century
English 3353F/G - The Woman Question: Nineteenth-Century Woman Writers
English 3471F/G - Ballots and Bullets: US Literature and Civil Rights
English 3571F/G - Be/Longing: Global Literature in Canada
English 3572F/G - Canadian Literature and Multiculturalism
English 3581F/G - Toronto: Culture and Performance
English 3670F/G - Global Indigenous Literatures
English 3671F/G - Testimony, Trauma and Revitalization in Indigenous Writings
English 3678F/G - Cultures of African Queer Representations
English 3679F/G - Topics in Postcolonial Literature
English 3680F/G - Indigenous Literatures of Turtle Island