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Graduate Programs in English


The Department of English has programs of graduate studies leading to the MA and PhD in any field of English and North American literature.

The Department's graduate program ranks as one of the strongest and most diversified graduate programs in Canada. Its central attraction is the Department's distinguished faculty and its considerable accomplishments in all areas of criticism and scholarship. The faculty's range of expertise provides the advantages of traditional scholarship and an array of historical approaches to the major literary periods and genres, as well as diverse theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives that include discourse analysis, cultural studies, postcolonial literature and theory, feminist and gender studies, gay studies and theories of masculinity, ecological criticism, film, hypertext, theories of race, and the intersection between literature and the discourses of science, medicine, music, art, and law.

The Department offers approximately 17-20 graduate course options each year that exemplify this historical, methodological, and theoretical variety. Students also have the opportunity to take courses in the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, the Comparative Literature program or other relevant programs.

Our graduate students also have the opportunity to enrol in interdisciplinary studies such as the Transitional Justice Collaborative Graduate Program, among others.

If you're interested in graduate studies in the Department of English at Western University, then please consider joining our Facebook group, "UWO Dept of English Grad Studies." This group is hosted by Leanne Trask, the Graduate Assistant in the Department of English. Whether you're thinking about applying, or are already a part of the program, this is the place to ask questions and gather information, meet some current students, perhaps a professor or two, or just say "Hi".

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