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The Department of English and Writing Studies at Western offers two graduate degrees, a master’s and a doctoral degree in English. We offer our graduate students funding packages that cover the costs of tuition and fees.  Our MA in English is a one-year program that emphasizes the deep study of literature and culture and the development of research, writing, and analytical skills. Our Ph.D. in English is a four-year program that trains select graduate students to be scholars, teachers, and researchers. With these skills, our Ph.D. graduates are prepared to embark on careers in both academic and alt-ac positions, from higher-education administration, research and consultancy, and beyond. 

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Ph.D. Program

We invite you to explore our website. For information about graduate study in the Department of English and Writing Studies, please contact the Chair of Graduate Studies, Dr. Matthew Rowlinson  (mrowlins@uwo.ca) or the Graduate Assistant, Ms. Leanne Trask (leanne.trask@uwo.ca).

For information about professional training and career resources, please contact the Graduate Placement and Development Coordinator, Dr. Pauline Wakeham (pwakeham@uwo.ca).