Welcome to Medieval Studies

Experience the Middle Ages in all its glory through an exciting, Faculty-wide program led by over twenty of Western's world-renowned medieval experts. Beginning with the foundation course, Medieval Studies 1020, you will then create your own roadmap through this fascinating period in history, resulting in a Major or Minor in Medieval Studies. With opportunities to study Latin at Poitiers or experience an archaeological dig in Europe or the Middle East, medieval studies will truly come to life!

A broad array of courses awaits you: explore scholastic philosophy, the farce in France and the origins of modern drama. Experience the exquisite visual art and complex Gothic cathedrals of Europe, and the sounds of Gregorian chant in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Discover how religion, technology, literature, politics and warfare shaped history, and influenced our modern-day world. This unique program will fully immerse you in the rich and clashing mosaic of cultures and individuals that is the Middle Ages.