Announcing the marie smibert competition for 2013-2014. please see contest rules and entry form.

Questions/Concerns arising during Web Registration.

If you have a question or concern about registration (Writing course selection, Writing program requirements, and related matters), please read the document "Course Selection Guide". If your questions are not answered by the information in that document, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Program Director, Mr. Brock Eayrs, directly by email at beayrs@uwo.ca. You will receive a response within 36 hours.

special permission procedures for 2013-2014: please refer to FAQ


Mission statement

The Program in Writing, Rhetoric, & Professional Communication aims to provide students with the ability to affect the world, both inside and outside the university, by facilitating their becoming self-directed, creative, and intellectual agents able to engage effectively with and contribute to the resolution of problems through the use of language both written and spoken. Writing studies comprise the core activities of our contemporary social, political, and cultural world, and the study and mastery of the constitutive and social dynamics of writing, rhetorical theory, and texts will provide pragmatic and intellectual tools for our graduates throughout their professional, intellectual, and social lives.

News and Events

Kathryn Mockler has just been appointed the Toronto editor for  Joyland, a hub for short fiction,   an international on-line Journal.


Congratulations, Kathryn!

Honors Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature

The Department of English and Writing Studies offers a new Honors Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature. This unique new module is open to all students meeting the admission requirements, which include a portfolio submission.  Admission, portfolio, and module requirements are detailed in a comprehensive Worksheet, which you can link to here. 

Interested students entering their first year at Western should register in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and choose courses for 2013-2014 to meet the module admission requirements.  You will submit your portfolio in April/early May 2014.

Interested Students in second year or above: 

Check the Worksheet to see whether you meet the admission requirements.  If you do not, or are unsure, contact Prof. Brock Eayrs (Undergraduate Program Director/Writing; beayrs@uwo.ca) for advice.

Submit a portfolio in April/early May 2014.  Refer to the Worksheet for details/criteria.

Portfolio Evaluation Criteria
The focus of the Honors Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature is on creative and critical approaches to contemporary creative writing practices in a variety of literary genres such as poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, literary journalism, screenwriting, and playwriting. Academic essays will not be considered.
The adjudicators will be looking for writing that demonstrates an ability to communicate original creative ideas both technically and conceptually in relation to the genre in which the work is situated.

The work adjudicated for potential acceptance will be chosen on the basis of the originality of ideas, language, and voice; the range of writing ability and explorations; the depth and breath of literary engagement; and the technical quality of the writing.