Annual Honours Thesis Day

Please join us to celebrate the work of our undergraduate students who will be presenting their research from English Studies 4999E, Writing Studies 4999E, Film Studies 4409E and Theatre Studies 4999E Theses courses. This is a wonderful opportunity to support students and friends - and for current third year students to learn more about our theses courses.

If you are feeling unwell, stay home.
Wash hands thoroughly and often and avoid touching your face.
No food or drinks allowed inside the classroom.

Each presentation is expected to be about 10-12 minutes with a brief introduction from each supervisor. Questions will be held at the end of each block.

Presentation Schedule
Friday, April 5, 2024
University College, Room 1405





Morning Session
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Maksim Sandic "Beyond Words: Testimony and Ineffability in Samuel Beckett’s Literature of the Unword" Professor Plug English 4999E
Faith Caswell "'They Just Keep Turning Up': The Traumatized Archive of Seamus Heaney’s North and The Burial at Thebes" Professor Pero English 4999E
Alex D’Entremont-Smith "I am Made in Your Image: Wrestling with Subjectivity Through Autofiction" Professor Green-Barteet Writing 4999E
Cole Van Der Velden "The Fields: A Fictionalized Family Portrait" Professor Faflak Writing 4999E
Annika Thornton "Women and the Land: Prairie Kinship and Survival in Vera Lysenko's Yellow Boots and Westerly Wild" Professor Emberley English 4999E
Samantha Ellis "Haptic Memory: Intergenerational Japanese Canadian Women's Narratives" Professor Pennee English 4999E
Kelly Luu "(Mis)reading Cyborgs and Rhizomes in the Hospital: Examining the Life Writing of Patients in Healthcare Systems" Professor Keep English 4999E
LUNCH BREAK (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm)

Afternoon Session
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Saskia Orr "Film from the Fast Lane: Navigating Motorsport Documentaries and Fiction Films" Professor Jones Film 4409E
Paul Cawston "A Platform of Attractions, YouTube and Tom Gunning" Professor Raine Film 4409E
Chase Verjee "Auteurism and Canada: The Future of Canadian Cinema" Professor Mioc Film 4409E
Gray Brogden "In Case I Forgot to Tell You:  Poems about Love" Professor Barrick Writing 4999E