Romanticism at Western

Romanticism at Western is composed of students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty members from the Department of English, the Centre for Theory and Criticism, and the Comparative Literature program. The group has hosted reading groups and held three local conferences, on Organicism, Affect, and Temporalities. It has also held two international workshops with Ludwig-Maximilen’s Universität Munich, and has hosted several visiting speakers from other universities. In May 2011, it put together a very successful SSHRCC-funded international conference on Romanticism and Evolution, proceedings of which are being published by the University of Toronto Press. Visiting speakers for the coming year include Mary Jacobus (Cambridge/Cornell), Timothy Morton (Rice) and Andrew Piper (McGill). We also have a draft group that discusses pre-circulated papers by members at an evening meeting, off campus. For information on the group contact James Hall.

2O15-16 Speakers
David Ferris (University of Colorado-Boulder), TBA, October 23rd, 2015
Richard Sha (American University), "William Blake and the Mark of the Cognitive: Notes Towards the Appearance of the Sceptical Self," Nov. 20th, 2015

2013-14 Speakers
Vivasvan Soni (Northwestern)
Claire Colebrook (Penn State)
Jerrold Hogle (Arizona)

2013-14 Invitational Symposium
Blake: Environments of Disaster and Difference, May 2014
[Speakers: Ian Balfour (York), Christopher Bundock (Regina), Tristanne Connolly (Waterloo), Elizabeth Effinger (Penn State), Joel Faflak (Western) Steven Goldsmith (Berkeley), Noah Heringman (Missouri), Saree Makdisi (UCLA), Adrian Mioc (Western), Tilottama Rajan (Western)]

2012-13 Speakers
Timothy Morton (Rice University)

2012-13 Conference
Futures of Schelling, August 2012 (cosponsored with the Centre for Theory and Criticism)
[Plenary Speakers: Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of england), Tilottama Rajan (Western), Joan Steigerwald (York); other speakers included Sean McGrath (Memorial), Gabriel Trop (North Carolina), Michael Vater (Marquette), Alistair Welchman, Jason Wirth (Seattle University)]