20th Century Group

The 20th Century Group invites Graduate Students and Faculty to present their research in a friendly, informal setting. One of the aims of the group is to produce the opportunity to take part not only in the current revolution in Modernist and Contemporary studies, but also to think about the 20th Century as a historical category in Modernity.

As such, it works to function as part of a growing academic community of scholars who are committed to interdisciplinary approaches to all aspects of 20th Century Thought and Culture.

Past presenters have given papers on such topics as Beckett and Cinema, Joyce and Textual Studies, Aestheticism and Camp, Guilt and Robert Walser, Violence and Spectatorship in Performances of Sarah Kane, Wilde and late Victorian “Criminality”, Eliot and Fascism, and New German Cinema.

For more information about the 20th Century Group, please contact Professor Allan Pero.