Queer Times

Professor Steven Bruhm.
Fall Half Course.

“Queer theory,” write Stephen Barber and David Clark, has Produced “on the one hand, sexual, gendered, and racial deroutinizations, and, on the other, deroutinizations of a disorienting and unpredictably temporal kind.” This course examines some of those deroutinizations-- first as they have come to define “homosexuality” in the psychoanalytic enterprise, and later as they have been reworked by three decades of queer theory. Central to this course will be questions of temporality, narrative, and the psycho-logics of linearity. Our archive for analysis: children, marriage, transgender/transsexuality, and (post)AIDS, as well as some fiction and juicily queer film about queer temporal practice. While all class readings engage in some way with questions of time and temporality, we will doubtless veer off into other questions as well, so don’t let that come as a surprise.

View course outline/syllabus here: English 9031A. PDF download