English 9002A ~ Advanced Research Methods (formerly Bibliography and Textual Studies)

Professor Donna Palmateer Pennee

Fall Half Course

NB: This course will be held in the Library Instruction Room, Map and Data Centre, basement level, Weldon Library.

The purpose of this required pass/fail course is to introduce students to techniques, methods, and cultures of research in literary and cultural studies, and to develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding of advanced research methods through
  • integrated co-instruction with Western Libraries instructional librarians and archivists in basic and advanced search methods and research services
  • cultivation of an understanding of research as an iterative and exploratory but also disciplined and organized process
  • selected readings in disciplinary methods and discussion
  • selected readings in the current scene of humanities research in the corporatized university
  • reflection on our own methods, assumptions, and positioning within English and cultural studies
  • instruction in the development of SSHRC doctoral funding applications
  • facilitation of the development of individual research projects (for example, for a single course during the same term of study, for the upcoming IRP, for a conference paper or article, or for early stages of the dissertation), with an assignment specific to this development
  • development of a cohort or community of researcher-colleagues through shared weekly course activities and in-class discussion
Course work will graded on a pass (60%+)/fail basis, measured in a range of ways:  on brief pre- and post-assessments of skills, knowledge, and understanding of research techniques; on completion of out-of-class work; on the quality of reflective writing on the research process and/or required readings; on as assignment linked to the individual research project (e.g., a proposal, a selected annotated bibliography); and on informed and engaged contributions to in-class work.  Attendance alone will not suffice to ensure a passing grade; but frequent absence from class (unless documented as stemming from a recognized need for academic consideration) will certainly minimize the likelihood of passing the course.

View the course syllabus here: English 9002A.