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Art History

Study art and visual culture in its social and political context. Western’s Art History program focuses on global networks of cultural exchange and is committed to interdisciplinary approaches informed by critical theory. This field of study develops cross-cultural understanding and a global perspective from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, in Mesoamerican, Hispanic American, Canadian, and Contemporary Art, Architecture, and Design, as well as Photography, Film and New Media.   


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Courses in the Major in Art History include:

  • AH 1641A/B: Art History and Visual Culture: Ancient to Renaissance
  • AH 2600F/G: Theories and Practices in Art History and Visual Culture
  • AH 2630F/G: Pre-Contact American Art and Architecture
  • AH 2650F/G: History of Photography
  • AH 2676F/G: Introduction to Design
  • AH 3620F/G: Race & Gender in the Pre-Modern World
  • AH 3660F/G: Hollywood and Art
  • AH 3674F/G: Sustainability and Art
  • AH 4600F/G/Z: Art History Honors Seminar
  • AH 4670F/G: Seminar in Architecture and Urbanism or Design

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