Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are currently being offered?

Click here for a list of current course offerings.

Is there a portfolio requirement?

Yes, there is a portfolio requirement for the BFA program. Click here for more information.

Can I enrol in upper year studio courses without having taken the SA 1601/SA 1605 prerequisite?

No. Even students with a background in the Visual Arts must take SA 1601/SA 1605. These courses are designed to introduce techniques and processes of a variety of media, theoretical concepts which inform studio practice as well as the facility and safety protocols specific each studio area in the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre.

Are there any Visual Arts courses that I can take without having the AH 1640, AH 1641, AH 1642, SA 1601 or SA 1605 prerequisites?

Yes, they are: SA 2500A/B, SA 2502A/B, SA 2508A/B, SA 2510A/B, SA 2650A/B, AH 2508F/G. Please refer to the Western timetable to see which course are being offered this year.

Do I have to cover the cost of materials?

Yes. All studio courses require materials, the majority of which must be provided by the student. Information on approximate expenses for each course can be obtained by contacting the department or emailing the instructor responsible for the course.

Which Visual Arts Modules can be combined?

A full listing of our module combinations can found on the Module Combination Chart at the top of the Module Checklist page.

I am interested in taking “X” course. Where do I find information about readings and assignments for this course?

Course outlines will be posted to the Undergraduate Courses page throughout the summer. You may also email the instructor to request additional and more up-to-date information.

How do I enrol in an Independent Projects in Art History/Independent Projects in Studio Course?

Students must be in fourth year and have an 80% average in order to enroll in a course of Independent Study. No more than one full-course equivalent may be taken by an individual student. Please contact Undergraduate Chair ( for enrollment inquires

How do I apply for an Internship?

Ensure that you are entering your fourth year and have an overall average of 80%. Then, contact the Internship Coordinator at

I need 1.0 credit at the 4000 level to graduate but do not have the necessary prerequisites to enrol in the fourth year seminars offered this year. What do I do?

First, make a list of 4000 level courses offered. Second, review your transcript for potential substitute prerequisites. Third, contact the instructor responsible for the seminar to ask for special permission to enrol. If special permission is granted, please ask the instructor to email the Undergraduate Chair with a recommendation. If you are having difficulty identifying potential substitute prerequisites, please email an unofficial copy of your transcript to the Undergraduate Chair (

I’m transferring to Western. Will Visual Arts courses taken at another university count toward my degree here? Will they count toward my Visual Arts module (e.g. Honors Specialization in Art History and Studio Art or Major in Art History)?

Typically yes, if you’ve taken these courses at an accredited university. Ensure that you have been accepted to Western as your credits will only be reviewed after you have accepted an offer of admission. Western's Admissions office will assess your transcript and decide which courses count toward a UWO degree in consulation with the Undergraduate Chair.

I would like to take Visual Arts courses at another university and have them count toward my Western degree. What should I do?

You can find more information about taking classes on a Letter of Permission, including the steps to take, at the Registrar's Office website and also on Arts and Humanities Academic Counselling website.

I have an important question to ask and believe that my fellow students would benefit from reading the answer. What do I do?

Email your question to the Undergraduate Chair ( with “FAQ” in the subject line.