Current Exhibition & Events

February 2 - 16, 2023
Reception: Thursday, February 2 from 5-7PM

Tianle Chen, Giulia Commisso, Cheyne Mackenzie Ferguson, Sydney Foster, Leland Harris, Michael Harrison, Dhra Patel, Olivia Rae Spence, Natasha Tacconelli, Man Nga Ting, Jennifer Wang

Professor: Soheila K. Esfahani
Woodshop Technician: Andrew Silk

Connections is a series of collaborative installations in response to our connection to Mother Earth, our homes, spaces within ourselves, liminal spaces using only recycled and found materials. This project has been created using mainly materials from Artist Material Fund under the guidance of Kelly Greene (Indigenous Artist in Residence at the Visual Arts department). A vital concept of this project is to reflect on the fact that we are all part of this Earth and are extremely dependent on her since everything that surrounds us is provided by her. With the current overpopulation by humans on our planet, we've consumed and produced excesses. Thus, these installations aim to convey attentive perspectives by reusing some over-produced materials that would otherwise fill landfills.

Logo Life
A Third Year Print Media Project 
Cohen Commons
February 2 - 16, 2023
Reception: Thursday, February 2 from 5-7PM

Hannah Boyer, Susy Castillo, Kate Dunn, Sebastian Evans, Carrie Kieswetter, Jacqueline Lian,Megan Muir, Ulana Mysakowec, Caroline O'Regan, Bridget Puhacz, Michaela Purcell, Aly Rana, Grace Song, Laryssa Stietzer, Emily-Lloy Sutherland-Sebo, Abigail Walters, Sophie Wu

Professor: Patrick Mahon
Printmaking Technician: Jessica Woodward

Signs, signs, everywhere, signs – and brands. The visual field of contemporary life is covered over with the marks of capitalism. Yet each of us may at some point adopt such tags and symbols as “our own.” In this project, the Third Year Print Media class has put away the press in favour of a garden roller for printing and employed found cardboard to fashion their plates. The forms they have printed are of their own creative making: personal signs. These marks will soon appear on printed t-shirts the class is producing with the help of Rezonance Printing, in late February of this year. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy “Logo Life.” We’re not trying to sell you anything. 

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