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As of  September 17th 2020, the Artlab Gallery and Cohen Commons will be operating virtually. In-person visits are not permitted at this time. Please email Ruth Skinner for additional details.

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Detail image of toys and other mass produced objects painted white
Everyone Here Has Something in Common 

Artlab Gallery

November 23 - December 3, 2020

Installation art is an artistic genre that challenges the boundaries of traditional art. In this project, students from SA 2643: Introduction to Sculpture and Installation explore ideas of "where are you coming from?" with a focus on "your culture." Here, "culture" is interpreted both as culture in everyday life, as well as more specific historical and ethnic cultural backgrounds. Students explore cultural connections, exchanges, and crossings by using readymades and found objects to create collaborative installations.

Course Instructor: Soheila K. Esfahani 

Image courtesy of Megan Goddard.

Screen capture of a virtual map, showing a home, road, trees, and car...And on That Day, I Went For a Walk

Virtual Exhibition by students in SA 2602A: Studio Seminar

Diverted from destinations we went for a walk. Stirred by Ólafur’s Eliason’s Institute of Spatial Experiments, walking alongside the ghosts of Guy Dubord and the Situationists, we set out to explore thinking doing, to let slip the screens of charts and maps, and seek the open. Some ventured in groups, some alone; some during day, some during night; some guided by curiosity, some by the deflecting directives of Dérive apps uploaded to smartphones. We brought back personal notation of our encounters to share in small groups before individually fashioning artworks in response. The pieces presented here comprise a final rounding— a yield of three collaborative works formed from intersecting paths.

Course Instructor: David Merritt

 Image from "This is a Dérive," courtesy of Makenzie Marie Ermel, Megan Lynn Goddard, Clementine Leong, and Noelle Mahoney

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