The Artlab gallery is pleased to present its new publication series! These works will support and run alongside gallery programming. Text and publication design is undertaken by current Department of Visual Arts Students. 

Copies are available for free at the Artlab reception desk, or dowload the PDF.

#artLAB publication series <06> 

Static Unearthed
Hannah West, Brittany/Andrew Forrest, Steve DeBruyn and Jessica Irene Joyce
October 5 -19, 2023
artLAB Gallery

Tensions Materials Conversations
Written by Anahí González 

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#artLAB publication series <04> 

...and this book is a straight line in space
Helen Abbot, Masha Kouznetsova, Suarjan Prasai, Matthew Samuelson, Sean Sokolov
January 7 - February 3, 2022
Cohen Commons Gallery

Written by Ashar Mobeen

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#artLAB publication series <03> 

Sometimes in the night, the fox slips by
Anahí González, Philip Gurrey, Dong-Kyoon Nam, Sasha Opeiko
January 7 - February 3, 2022
artLAB Gallery

Written by Imogen Wilson

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#artLAB publication series <02> 

I left parts of myself everywhere
Eeva Siivonen
November 25 - December 09
artLAB Gallery

Soluble Parts and the Mediated Depths of Posthuman Plasma
Written by Sasha Opeiko

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#artLAB publication series <01> 

Untitled (moving objects)
Aryen Hoekstra
October 8 - October 21, 2021
artLAB Gallery

Written by Emily Cadotte

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