• ante meridiem | Artlab Gallery

    Artlab Gallery, March 17, 2022

    The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present “ante meridiem” an exhibition of work by practicum students in the Department of Visual Arts. This exhibition features a diverse section of media and approaches to the field of contemporary art, and represents the culmination of four years of study. While subject matters are diverse, the immaterial and collective nature of time often filters into their overarching thought processes and representations.

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  • Aeterna: Glamour | Cohen Commons

    March 16, 2022

    VASA is excited to announce their first ever exhibition, titled: Glamour, to coincide with its annual publication, Aeterna. Featuring student art, the exhibition will be held between March 17th and April 1st in the Cohen Commons Gallery.

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  • Come Together Right Now | Satellite Project Space

    March 09, 2022

    The students of the first year Advanced Visual Arts Foundation Course at Western University are pleased to present their exhibition at Satellite Project Space, "Come Together Right Now". On view March 24 - 26, 2022.

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  • Annual Juried Exhibition Awards Presentation

    February 09, 2022

    Celebrating its 20th year, the Annual Juried Exhibition continues to be one of the Department of Visual Arts most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions. This diverse show supports the production of new work made in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, print, video, and photography. Exhibited works were selected by a professional jury who consider creativity, concept, materiality and technique. This year’s show is indicative of the resilience and dedication our students continue to demonstrate.

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  • Sebastian Evans: Start as you mean to go on | Strand

    February 05, 2022

    Congratulations to 4th year Visual Arts student Sebastian Evans, on his solo exhibition "Start as you mean to go on" on view now at Strand Fine Art Services until February 26, 2022.

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  • Practicum Fundraiser: Mail Art Postcards

    December 01, 2021

    Would you like to receive a surprise, postcard-sized artwork in the mail? The Practicum class has organized a fundraiser. Even a small donation will get you a surprise, postcard-sized, one of a kind, original artwork in the mail!

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  • The Lesser Known Point C | Cohen Commons Gallery

    November 17, 2021

    "The Lesser Known Point C" will be on view in the Cohen Commons gallery from November 25 - December 6. Welcome to "The Lesser Known Point C", a group show that converses with the past year’s events, representing it through artworks that range from representational to surreal. Featuring artists, Megan Goddard, Shelby Sammut, Wesley Macpherson, and Jared Hendricks-Polack.

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  • "Kim Moodie: Navigating Art and Politics of the Region" by Sarah Oakley

    centred.ca, November 01, 2021

    Fourth-year art history student Sarah Oakley was selected for a visual arts writing opportunity with Nida Doherty at Centred.ca. Her article on the work of Kim Moodie, titled "Kim Moodie: Navigating Art and Politics of the Region." is now published and online at Centred.ca.

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  • Photos in the Attic | Artlab Gallery

    October 25, 2021

    The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present "Photos in the Attic" an exhibition of work by Sarah Fraser, Rowan Mccready, and Aidan Takeda-Curran. The show runs October 28 - November 18, 2021. "Photos in the Attic" tackles ideas of nostalgia and the passage of time. We consider the attic as an archival space that is a museum of personal history.

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  • Eden | Cohen Commons Gallery

    October 25, 2021

    The Cohen Commons Gallery is pleased to present "Eden" an exhibition of work by Delaney Philip, Julie Fishbaum, Moe Haloftis and Cosette Gelinas. The show runs October 28 - November 18, 2021. Eden alludes to themes of human progression and temptation as we explore the challenges women face growing up in a world where our bodies are sexualized and critiqued. We reflect on feminine identity as we experience growth in our own separate gardens of Eden.

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  • 'Does Not Equate' | Satellite Project Space

    October 22, 2021

    'Does Not Equate' is an exhibition featuring Western Visual Arts undergraduate students, Rain Bloodworth, Sebastian Evans, Meg Smith, Aidan Takeda-Curran. "≠ grew out of a desire to reflect on living in a society of increasing economic disparity. The artists share and observe a feeling of social and financial precarity and deep empathy for those who truly are ‘down and out.’ " The exhibition is on view October 18-31, 2021 at Satellite Project Space.

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  • Hello to Printing | Cohen Commons

    Cohen Commons, October 11, 2021

    "Hello To Printing" will be on view in the Cohen Commons gallery from October 11 - 21. The exhibition features work done by SA 2630A Introduction to Print Media and SA 3633 Print Media students. A range of techniques are explored in this exhibition, including linocuts, 1-colour etchings and 3-colour silkscreen prints.

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  • Sam Wagter: Shades of Blue and Smush | FCG

    Forest City Galley, August 14, 2021

    For many years, Forest City Gallery has supported the AJE through the contribution of the FCG Feature Award. The FCG Feature offers a presentation opportunity to one student each year, selected by a professional jury. The AJE 19, which took place in March 2021, awarded 4th year Visual Arts student, Sam Wagter, with this year's FCG Feature Award. Sam Wager's work will be up for viewing on the FCG website from August 14-28, 2021.

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  • "The Value in Opportunities: Wielding Student Experiences" Digital Publication by Sam Wagter

    Artlab Gallery, June 21, 2021

    In this digital publication, the Artlab's 2020-21 Intern, Sam Wagter, discusses the importance of professional exhibition opportunities for students in the Visual Arts Department. Sam reflects on these opportunities in relation to her recent solo exhibition series for the Artlab Vitrine and she queries this year's exhibiting artists about the usefulness of programming at this vital stage in their careers.

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  • "Conservation through visual arts"

    By Debora Van Brenk, Western News, June 18, 2021

    With large-as-life artwork of endangered and vulnerable species such as this polar bear cub, Jade Williamson hopes to draw attention to the interconnectedness of life on the planet. Williamson, a fine arts graduate, is part of Western's Class of 2021.

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  • Murals in the ICEAP Building

    June 16, 2021

    Kings College commissioned Department of Visual Arts students Lama Rafehi and Sam Wagter to create a series of murals in the stairwells of the International Centre for English Academic Preparation (ICEAP) building. Image: “Goose and the Three Sisters” by Laney Beaulieu & Sam Wagter.

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  • His House Will Leak | Cohen Commons

    April 16, 2021

    Created by students in Professor Kirsty Robertson's graduate seminar, "Museum/Decay." “In my telling, the Cyclops’ story is a revenge story…. While Odysseus is happily restored at home and publicly celebrated, the Cyclops’ story continues. She walks the vastness of his kingdom, slowly becoming a ghost. Her emptied socket becomes a mask. Her revenge feeds her, making her opaque, anti-gravity, a black hole. Odysseus is blind to her, no longer able to see the Cyclops as when he coveted her land and food. She hides in plain sight and crafts her haunting. She will orphan Odysseus as she has been orphaned, but not of family, land or body. She will strand Odysseus in constant unease, bereft of his cherished and clever reason. His house will leak. The walls will sag. He will dream of sheep. He and everyone around him will forget his name; he will become an unremarkable shadow of Nob’dy, the clever alibi and source of his fame.” Eve Tuck and C. Ree. “A Glossary of Haunting.”

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  • No Thanks, Just the Cheque | Virtual Exhibition Tour

    April 09, 2021

    This year’s Practicum Class exhibition accumulates recent works of 21 artists created during the 2020/2021 term. This exhibition also serves as the cumulation of the work that these artists have put into developing their individual practices over the course of their experiences in the Bachelor of Fine Art’s program. Because the Artlab has had to close to in-person appointments, we've created an extended video tour narrated by our Work Study student Fernanda Recinos and have posted documentation of the exhibition on our website.

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  • Practicum Exhibition and VASA Publication Virtual Launch

    April 01, 2021

    Please join the Department of Visual Arts and the Artlab Gallery online for the launch of the practicum exhibition “No thanks, Just the Check” and VASA's very first publication “Aeterna” Thursday, April 1st at 7 PM on Zoom. Zoom Link: https://westernuniversity.zoom.us/j/96117832399 Meeting ID: 961 1783 2399

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  • No Thanks, Just the Cheque | Artlab Gallery

    March 25, 2021

    This year’s Practicum Class exhibition, No Thanks, Just the Cheque, accumulates recent works of 21 artists created during the 2020/2021 term. This exhibition also serves as the cumulation of the work that these artists have put into developing their individual practices over the course of their experiences in the Bachelor of Fine Art’s program. No Thanks, Just the Cheque signifies the end of a journey taken into the BFA program.

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  • Digital Feature: AJE19 | Artlab Gallery

    March 18, 2021

    A virtual walk-through of the AJE 19: Close for Comfort exhibition, narrated by Gallery Manager Ruth Skinner is now live on the Artlab website.

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  • VASA now accepting applications

    March 18, 2021

    The Visual Arts Supporters Association (VASA) is now accepting applications from interested undergraduate and graduate students for the 2021/2022 academic year. Due to COVID-19, hiring for the 2020/2021 school year was delayed and all the current executives will also participate in a re-evaluation interview.

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  • 息抜き / ikinuki: to relax, to take a breather | Artlab Vitrine

    March 03, 2021

    Currently installed in the Artlab Vitrine: 息抜き / ikinuki: to relax, to take a breather by Holly Granken. Curated and organized by Artlab’s intern, Sam Wagter.

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  • AJE 19: Close for Comfort | Artlab Gallery

    Artlab Gallery + Cohen Commons, February 25, 2021

    The Annual Juried Exhibition returns for its 19th consecutive year! The AJE continues to be one of the most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions in the Visual Arts Department. This diverse exhibition supports the production of new work made in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, digital media, photography, installation, sound, and performance. Artworks are selected by a professional jury who consider originality, creativity, and process. This year's exhibition represents a diverse selection of work from all levels of undergraduate study in the Department. We received a significant number of submissions despite our unusual circumstances, with some works speaking quite directly to living, thinking, feeling, and working one's way through a pandemic. Image: Aisha Hassen (4th-year), No Pane.

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  • In fact, it wasn’t on my mind at all | Artlab Vitrine

    Artlab Gallery, February 04, 2021

    Currently installed in the Artlab Vitrine: “In fact, it wasn’t on my mind at all” by Tia Bates. “This is a series of three paintings of locations from the home I grew up in painted from memory. The series acts both as a self portrait series, and a series of narratives described in the titles of the works. These function as stanzas to a larger narrative poem with the light source being the place described in the titles, and where the subject of the poems physically exists to affect the space around them. The illuminated space illustrates the way a location is perceived through experiences, emotion, and memory." Curated and organized by Artlab’s intern, Sam Wagter

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  • AJE 19: Close for Comfort

    Artlab Gallery, January 27, 2021

    The Annual Juried exhibition returns for its 19th consecutive year! This group exhibition represents a diverse selection of artwork from all disciplines and all levels of undergraduate study in the Department of Visual Arts. The online submission form will be available as of Thursday, January 28th at 9am from the Artlab website. Submissions close on Thursday, February 11th at 11:59pm.

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  • Student Donation Fund | AHSC

    January 26, 2021

    Congratulations to Sam Wagter and Sam Erdelyi on their successful Student Donation Fund (SDF) proposals in Fall 2020! Click to read more about how they will use the funds to support the Department of Visual Arts student experience. SDF is an opportunity for Western University Arts and Humanities students to receive direct funding for their events or initiatives. The Student Donation Fund will be accepting proposals for the winter term, January 29 - February 12, 2021.

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  • I Never Said It | Artlab Vitrine

    January 20, 2021

    The first Artlab Virtine exhibition of 2021 is "I Never Said It" from Megan Goddard, who writes: "'I Never Said It' acts as a sculptural representation of my relationship to people, and the censoring of thoughts which sometimes occurs. The BFA Vitrine Exhibition Series is coordinated by 4th Year BFA Student and Artlab Intern Sam Wagter. It provides students an opportunity to display their artwork through solo exhibitions, gaining valuable experience collaborating with the gallery and expanding their professional CVs.

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  • ...And on That Day, I Went For a Walk | Artlab Gallery

    November 24, 2020

    "...And on That Day, I Went For a Walk" is an Artlab Gallery virtual exhibition that presents work by students in professor David Merritt's SA 2602A: Studio Seminar class. An interactive PDF of the exhibition is available now on the Artlab Gallery webpage.

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  • Everyone Here Has Something in Common | Artlab Gallery

    November 16, 2020

    In this exhibition, students from SA 2643: Introduction to Sculpture and Installation explore cultural connections, exchanges, and crossings by using readymades and found objects to create collaborative installations.

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  • Sarah Charette Highly Commended at Undergraduate Awards

    By Undergraduate Awards, September 22, 2020

    Congratulations to 4th year Honours Specialization in Art History and Museum and Curatorial Studies & SASAH student, Sarah Charette whose entry in the 'Art History and Theory' category was Highly Commended at the 2020 Undergraduate Awards!

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  • I-dentify | Cohen Commons

    Cohen Commons, September 14, 2020

    Four artists question the reality of the self, coming to terms with what has marked each of themselves as “other” and revealing the complexities of a relationship with society. They address the implications of being biracial, multicultural, and multilingual in our current world. Exhibition on view at the Cohen Commons in the Visual Arts Centre during regular building hours for students with Card Access. For external visitors, an appointment is required, please email artlab@uwo.ca to schedule your visit.

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  • We Were, And Then We Weren't | Artlab Gallery

    Artlab Gallery, September 14, 2020

    It leaps from the walls and breeches our space, It became us, we became it. Featuring the works of five artists, “We Were, and Then We Weren't” explores the tangibility of Aura and the allegorical relationship between memory and light in this multimedia exhibition. Artlab Gallery will be open by appointment only in Fall 2020. Please note non-medical face coverings are required and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire before entering the gallery. E-mail Ruth Skinner artlab@uwo.ca to schedule your visit!

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  • ‘Art whenever they want’ for remote-learning students

    By Jennifer O'Brien, Western News, September 01, 2020

    Visual Arts Pofessor Tricia Johnson discusses her transition to online learning with Western News. Learn more about her approach which includes a voice-thread on her class website asking students to contribute their work and works-in-progress and talk to one another about them.

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  • Western Students featured in new publication by Blackwood Gallery

    By Greenwood UTM, Blackwood Gallery, August 04, 2020

    Ashley Snook (PhD candidate) and Lele Lin (4th year Undergrad in Visual Art and Art History) were recently included in a new digital publication, 'Time Out' published by students from Greenwood UTM at Blackwood Gallery. Read the full publication online.

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  • Professor Kirsty Robertson Awarded the 2020 Western University Green Award

    By Brandon Watson, Western News, July 17, 2020

    Congratulations to Professor Kirsty Robertson, recipient of the Western University Green Award for weaving sustainability principles into her course curriculum and focusing on collaboration in the face of an ecological crisis.

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  • Message from Undergraduate Chair Tricia Johnson

    June 09, 2020

    Congratulations to our Undergraduate Class of 2020 and welcome to the Alumni Western Family! Thank you to everyone who has shared news about where they will be headed next year. Here are a few successes we'd like to highlight, if we've missed you, please email visarts@uwo.ca and we'll include your news.

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  • BFA Alumni Organize Charity Art Sale to Fundraise for BLM

    June 08, 2020

    Western Visual Arts BFA alumni Sofia Berger and Michael Thompson who run 'Eraser Gallery' are organizing and online art sale with proceeds benefitting the Black Lives Matter Bailout Fund. If you would like to submit an artwork for inclusion for this fundraiser, or would like to purchase an artwork please visit their Facebook page for additional information.

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  • Postponed: Open Studios | Department of Visual Arts

    March 10, 2020

    Please note that this event has been postponed. We have made this decision to ensure the health and safety of our visitors and campus community.

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  • Exhibition ‘zeros’ in on Fuller’s view of world | Western News

    By Deborah Van Brenk, Western News, March 02, 2020

    Visual Arts professor Kirsty Roberston, Director of Museum and Curatorial Studies, has led students in creating an exhibition reflecting on the vision of architect Buckminster Fuller. The nine students created individual projects and managed different aspects of the exhibition, including writing essays, graphic design, promotion, marketing and fundraising.

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  • Together We Average As Zero / Take 1 | Artlab

    By Artlab Gallery, February 24, 2020

    Join us for the opening reception of an exhibition was curated by students in MCS4605E, our Museum and Curatorial Studies Practicum Class. Opening Reception: Thursday, February 27 from 5-7PM, at the Artlab Gallery. The exhibition continues February 27 - March 12, 2020

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  • Launch Party for Femme Art Review | Cohen Commons

    Cohen Commons, February 02, 2020

    Co-presented by the Museum Studies Collective & Femme Art Review: join us for the launch of Femme Art Review's first print issue as well as the launch the 2020 MSC winter journal presented in partnership with the Artlab! 6:00-7:30pm on February 6th, 2020. Karalyn Reuben will be doing an artist talk for the launch at 6:30pm.

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  • My Diasporic Family's Living Room | Forest City Gallery

    By Jasmine Sihra, February 01, 2020

    "My Diasporic Family’s Living Room" is a workshop organized by Art History and Museum & Curatorial Studies Student Jasmine Sihra, that takes the experience and consumption of a shared meal and food as a site through which immigrant-settlers find a sense of comfort, encouragement and survival as they live or sometimes struggle to live in their new host country

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  • AJE 18: Annual Juried Exhibition, Opening Reception | Artlab

    By Artlab Gallery, January 28, 2020

    Back for the 18th consecutive year, the Annual Juried Exhibition (AJE) continues to be one of the most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions in Department of Visual Arts at Western University. This diverse exhibition supports the production of new artwork made in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital media, photography, installation, sound, and performance. Opening Reception: Thursday January 30, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm Awards Announced at 6:00pm

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  • Facilities Renewal: The Digital Creativity Lab – Opening Spring 2020

    January 14, 2020

    In response to increased need for digital production and presentation space, The Department of Visual Arts will be undergoing a renovation in January-March 2020 to create a new “Digital Creativity Lab”. This new flex-space will facilitate student and faculty photo, video, audio, and digital production and presentation.

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