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How can I be OK with the e/and of the world?
Jessica Irene Joyce
July 18 – August 1, 2024
Reception: Thursday, July 18 from 5-7PM
artLAB Gallery

Join Jessica Irene Joyce and Ashar Mobeen for an exhibition tour and discussion.
Tuesday, July 30 from 12-1PM

How can I be OK with the e/and of the world?
creatively repurposes painting’s formal and material conventions to its own ecological aims. Landscape and portraiture flow around and through each other, urging viewers to look at the world instead of away from it. Scenes from Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Sherwood Fox Arboretum depict transformative cycles of life and death throughout the changing seasons.

In 2019, I began reading Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate (2014) and quit after three chapters, not knowing what to do with the terror and despair it inspired. Inviting these emotions into my painting practice allows me to process anxiety arising from reading about (and living through) climate change. Through this project, I continue to learn and enact the responsibilities urgently demanded by the Climate Emergency, while exploring my relationship to the land colonially known as London, Ontario.


"The end of an imagined future," watercolour and gouache on repurposed birch panel, 9 by 13 inches, 2023.