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 Please note that the Artlab Gallery will be closed 1-31 August 2019.

Max McKerlie, Claire McNamara, Ava Workman, Emily Culbert and Riley Metcalfe 

September 12-26, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12 from 5-7pm


You used to be different. You used to be. You have lived in moments and silence and noise and change. You Used To Be A Spaceship. Five artists come together to compare and contrast the intricacies of self-reflection as they ask themselves (and you) what you've learned, how you got here, and what exactly you think you're doing?

Through the use of painting, illustration, and sculpture, the focus is on the definition of self, and the intimacy of specific details which play with the dichotomy of what is alien and what it shared. Your experiences have shaped you, and while they can't be shared completely perhaps there is common ground to walk on.

Notes from The Mess Drawer | Cohen Commons
Andrew Fraser, Reilly Knowles and Sarah Desmarais

September 12-26, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12 from 5-7pm


The home is a sacred environment; an entity which is filled over time with imprints of existence. Each one is unique, encompassing the traditions and memories which make it valuable to each generation who lives there. The home holds energies that shape individuals and oppress them; it tells tales of long-lingering magic and superstition that linger through time. Notes from The Mess Drawer is an exploration of the magical and supernatural aspects of the home and the domestic, and how these connect with liberating and oppressive forces. The audience is invited to uncover the secrets hidden within the metaphysical mess drawer - the eclectic accumulation of a home.

Andrew Fraser’s work employs wearable soft sculptures and performances to unpack what it means to be embodied. Drawing inspiration from mythology and queer aesthetics, as well as such artists as Kiki Smith and Allyson Mitchell, Fraser explores how the body acts as the keystone to how we navigate the world, and in turn, how the world informs the construction of our sense of self.

Reilly Knowles’ practice considers his body’s relationship with its environment and its enmeshment with natural forces using a language of mythology, folklore, spiritual symbolism and religious iconography. Drawing particularly from early Irish medieval art, Knowles’ work interprets nature as a troubling and malleable in-between space where gendered, sexual, political and spiritual realities are expressed.

Sarah Desmarais’ works are an exploration of the many tropes of fantasy adopted from a love of literature and film. She uses symbolism and the power of storytelling to depict uncanny and whimsical interpretations of the everyday. She also draws inspiration from the unconscious mind to reimagine realities to a friendly and/or twisted perspective.

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Meet & Greet!

Thursday, September 12 from 5-7pm

Volunteers, professors, and other interested parties can talk to MSC executive members about future endeavors and partnerships, while enjoying some light refreshments and flipping through copies of our recently published journals