Room Booking

Our room booking system has gone paperless! Visual Arts Faculty, staff and grad students are now able to book rooms using Office 365. Please note that these rooms are only available to those in the Visual Arts Department.

Please consult the calendars below to assess room availablity, and follow the instructions below to complete your booking.

You will receive a confirmation email once the booking is accepted.

To book VAC-111 please see binder in the Main Office, room 200.

Visual Arts Online Room Booking Instructions

Go to and login, go to Calendar In the upper left, click New, Calendar Event.

Room Booking image1

Fill your Event, Date/Time, and any other desired information (eg. Reminder or recurrence) 

When searching for a room, type in the name of the room you wish to book (eg. “VAC-148”) under “PEOPLE” (not location)

Room Booking Image2

If you have any questions, please see Meghan in the Main Office (room 200F)