VASA: The Visual Art Supporters Association

VASA-Battle of the Brushes

The Visual Art Supporters Association (VASA) at Western University is dedicated to supporting Visual Art students, generating community within the Visual Art faculty and beyond, and integrating Visual Arts further into the culture at the University of Western Ontario. VASA represents a network of individuals in the Visual Arts department, including undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members.

President, Sofia Berger, 
Vice-President, Maddy DeCecco, 
VP Events, Maxwell McKerlie, 
VP Events, Claire McNamara, 
VP Communications, Emily Culbert, 
Secretary, Riley Metcalfe, 
Secretary, Reilly Knowles, 
VP Finance, Janelle Wilson, 
First Year Rep, Estelle Chung, 
First Year Rep, Maya Ragbeer,

Upcoming VASA Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events in the new year!