Scholarships and Awards

Western offers many generous scholarships and bursaries. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.  In addition to such awards, and some that are administered for the Department by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Department offers several awards on the basis of an application process where written or studio submissions are adjudicated. The normal deadline for such applications is the end of January. Please contact the Undergraduate Chair for further details.

Undergraduate Student Awards

To search a database of scholarships, awards and busaries available to Arts & Humanities students, visit the Western Student Services Awards Page and select "Arts & Humanities" from the drop down menu.


Local Western University Funding Sources

Western University Scholarships
If you qualify for one of these prestigious Scholarships and Awards, you could be awarded up to $30,000.

National Scholarship Program
National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate an ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning.

Western University Bursary Information
Did you know that Western University bursaries are non-repayable, taxable grants awarded on the basis of financial need. Financial need is determined in a manner similar to the Canada and Ontario Student Loans assessment.

Student Development Centre
Find a Full time job, or a part time job using through Careers and Experience Department or through Western Connect.

Work Study Program
Western’s Work Study program offers an opportunity for students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies.