Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi


Associate Professor

PhD, Comparative Literature, University of British Columbia, 2006
MA, German Philology & English Philology, Johannes Gutenberg University, 1997

University College 4430

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My research focuses on the circulation of narrative genres among Caribbean, African, and British writers. I am particularly interested in forms of the novel, auto/biography, and speculative narratives.  I have secondary interests in science fiction film and sexuality studies.  I am combining these interests in a book project entitled Provincializing Slavery: Atlantic Economies of the African Novel.  In it, I interrogate assertions that African writers have been silent about the Atlantic slave trade. My study will demonstrate that a sizeable amount of African novels about governmentality and ownership of human life are novels about the slave trade. Furthermore, I suggest that these novels crystallize the concepts of ownership of human life that circulate in the Atlantic world.

Dr. Osinubi is currently on leave and is not accepting supervisions.