Workout Pod Information

Western Campus Recreation has reconfigured the WSRC workout spaces to enhance physical distancing and safety measures, following Western and Health Unit guidance. We have created workout 'pods' that are physically distanced from each other. We have included here the configuration of the upstairs gyms and what is contained in each individual workout pod. We also will have pods set up in our Weight Room and Cardio Room spaces to start. Click here for FAQs about important new procedures.

Based on COVID guidelines, members are restricted to pods they reserved.  We will not be allowing members to switch locations due to the requirement of sanitizing equipment after each use.   Members will be required to wipe down their equipment, but we also are required to spray down all equipment as well to fully sanitize.  While you're part of the same family, we ask that you please do not workout together or switch pods. We also want to limit the amount of traffic as people are not required to wear masks in their pod so we want to protect everyone during their workouts.


What does the new configuration of the upstairs workout pod spaces look like?

Click here for a configuration diagram of the upstairs workout pod spaces.

Click here for a list of the upstairs gym pods and what they contain.

Click here for a photo of the new upstairs workout pod spaces. 

Click here for our new Sports and Recreation welcome back video.


What do the new Weight Room workout pod spaces look like?

Click here for a photo example of what the new Weight Room workout pod spaces will look like. 


What are some important things I need to know before I come and workout?

Please read over our FAQs about our new procedures before you workout and prior to coming on campus. All students must complete a self-questionnaire before they return to campus (on the Western App) and students who wish to workout must pre-register for a workout space (on the Western Rec App). ALL students must complete the return to campus questionnaire before they come to campus to workout or for any other reason:

For more information about our Live Fitness classes, please visit our Instagram account at @Western_Rec or

Note: Please ensure you are exercising safely. If you are new to exercise, it is a good idea to complete this link:

As well, Harvard Medical School has published an article on 10 tips for exercising safely:

Information is subject to change.