Photo of students wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

We are excited to welcome students back to campus. While most courses are in-person, this fall is different from the pre-pandemic experience. Western is making every effort to provide a safe environment. Each one of us has an important role to play. 

As we safely welcome our campus community back, we want to remind students of the steps they can take when returning to campus:

  • Complete the daily  Return to Campus questionnaire.
  • Wear a three-layer, Western supplied non-medical mask in all indoor spaces on campus - and outdoors when physical distancing is difficult. Anything above level 2 can also be worn for example the KN95. 
  • Continue to practice physical distancing in common spaces and eateries.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Stay home if you are sick.

Building safety ambassadors help ensure COVID-19 protocols are being observed across campus. The university remains flexible, and will be ready to respond to any further direction from our public health partners.

If you are required to participate in Western's COVID-19 rapid antigen testing program, Western has partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws grocery stores with pharmacies, to provide this testing free of charge at these London locations.

Western's on-campus vaccination and testing centre at the Graphic Services Building is open and available for Rapid Antigen testing. 

Student FAQs


1. Are students required to be vaccinated?

Effective September 7, all members of our community – including students, employees and visitors – will be required to provide proof of vaccination to be on campus this fall. Testing in lieu of vaccination is now only available to those with a medical or Ontario Human Rights Code exemption. Everyone attending campus must provide proof of vaccination or have an exemption, and those with an exemption must be tested for COVID-19 twice weekly. 

Western's on-campus vaccination and testing centre at the Graphic Services Building is now open to accommodate first and second doses for students and employees.

Students living in residence will be asked to get vaccinated before their arrival – and those who can’t access the shot will have 14 days following their move-in date to get vaccinated on campus. Those who for medical or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code cannot be vaccinated may request an accommodation. For more information, visit:  

2. I am an international student. Where can I find information specifically for me?

International students can visit Western International for specific information and resources.

3. How can I access campus mental or physical health supports?

If you need support of any kind at any time, please contact: Student Support & Case Management at or 519-661-2111 x89152.

4. Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine or a COVID-19 test on campus?

Western's on-campus vaccination and testing centre at the Graphic Services Building is now open throughout August and into the fall to accommodate first and second doses for students and employees. For more information about vaccines please visit

5. What is happening with athletics and recreation?

Indoor facilities including the Western Student Recreation Centrewill be open to students enrolled in the Fall 2021 term, starting Monday, September 6 with capacity limits and physical distancing in place (gym, weight room, etc.). Reservations are required. Outdoor fitness classes and Intramurals will also be offered in the fall. For more information visit

6. How do I access Western Libraries services?

Information about summer library services can be found at

7. Where can I find information about financial support?

Students with questions regarding fees or financial aid may find additional information or submit a question by visiting the Office of the Registrar or the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

8. How does Western ensure a safe campus?

We encourage everyone to take care of themselves and take care of each other. Please continue to follow all COVID-19 health and safety protocols, wear a three-layer mask supplied by Western and complete the ‘Return to Campus’ questionnaire prior to each visit to campus. The health and safety of our community is a shared responsibility. Western is taking extra steps to ensure ventilation systems in buildings and classrooms are maintained and optimized to maximize health and safety.

9. Do I have to wear a mask at Western?

Everyone on campus is required to wear three-layer non-medical masks supplied by the University, rather than cloth masks, indoors and in the presence of others. NOTE: Anything above level 2 can also be worn, for example the KN95. 

Masks will be provided by the university and distributed to all students in residence.

10. What are the quarantine and testing requirements for students arriving in Canada from abroad?

All students (domestic and international) who arrive in Canada from abroad are required to complete mandatory quarantine and testing requirements and must register their travel and quarantine plan with Western via the Register My Quarantine Plan form prior to arrival in Canada. 

If you are a student who is currently outside of Canada, visit our International Arrival page for more information about mandatory quarantine registration, COVID-19 testing, required steps for travelling to Canada, and other supports and considerations in planning your arrival.

If you have further questions about travel restrictions, quarantine and/or testing, please contact or visit the international arrival website.

11. How will students know if everyone in the classroom is vaccinated?

Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff at Western will not have the option to undergo twice-a-week testing in lieu of vaccination. Only those who have or are pursuing a medical or Ontario Human Rights Code exemption will be eligible for the regular, twice-a-week testing in order to be physically on campus this fall.

12. Will students be told if there are vaccine exemptions in our classroom groups?

No. Vaccine exemptions cannot be disclosed due to privacy regulations.

13. Where can I get information on Western’s rapid testing program?

If you are required to participate in  Western's COVID-19 rapid antigen testing program, Western has partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws grocery stores with pharmacies, to provide this testing free of charge at these  London locations.

14. Does the vaccine policy apply to students that are wholly online?

Students are required to be vaccinated if they are going to come to campus – and this applies to students in both online and in-person classes. The policy does not require students who are only enrolled in wholly online courses to receive a vaccine. However, students in courses that have an in-person component are required to comply with the vaccination policy. For example, a student cannot voluntarily excuse themselves from the vaccination policy if they are choosing only to participate in the online portions of the course.

15. How will the vaccine policy be enforced?

Any complaint related to non-compliance will be referred to the Office of Student Support and Case Management. When a complaint of non-compliance is referred, The Office of Student Support and Case Management will send a Notice of Complaint to the student via e-mail, initiating a Code of Student Conduct process. The Notice of Complaint will include an interim measure (Trespass from Campus) pending the Code of Student Conduct investigation. 

Following the investigation, a decision will be made under the Code of Student Conduct by the Associate Vice-President Student Experience.

If a student is found to be in contravention of the vaccine policy, they will receive sanctions ranging from educational sanctions (for the lowest level contraventions) up to suspension for a minimum of two academic terms of the 2021/22 academic year from Western. 

A suspension may include conditions that must be satisfied prior to re-enrollment.  Should the contraventions persist past the suspension, expulsion from the university will be considered.

16. What happens if Western is notified of a positive case on campus?

When there is a case identified in a classroom or unit, we directly and immediately inform students and instructors (in the case of a class) and employees (in the case of a unit). For cases in residence, students are immediately moved to an isolation location off-site, and we take direction from the MLHU regarding close contacts and other investigative measures. For more information, visit: