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Word Ways

EXHIBITION EXTENDED: The exhibition will be on view until Sunday, November 15th for Fall Preview Day

The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present Word Ways. In this exhibition the 19 students, of Professor Kim Moodie’s second year studio class, were tasked with choosing an art criticism text and reconstitute it as collage. As the project progressed the students took electronically enlarged sections, from the original source, and combined them with drawn elements. This freeform act of cutting and pasting texts has a certain kinship with the Futurist, Cut-up and Vocabularyclept poets in their quest to use text as a catalyst for provocation. But unlike these text-based poetic works the student compositions were conjured, through a visual lens rather than a literary tradition acknowledging the radical work of Hannah Hoch, John Hartfield and Barbara Kruger while simultaneously sampling the recent techniques of John Scott, Ed Pien and Lucie Chan among others. By weaving text and image together they push the boundaries dictated by a linguistic or visual turn where the perception of symbols whether literal, formal or abstract, jockey for dominance.

Participating Student Artists:

Zoe Abbott
Alisha Ansems
Ethan Aquino-Chien
Shannon Boast
Nicholas Cote
Hannah Fuhrmann
Shelby Hayward
J. Hunter
Olivia johnson
Marissa Martin
Sarah McClure
Anna Miltenburg
Emma Morden
Amy Ngo
Kathleen Pickell-Karagianis
Michael Segal
Rebecca Smith
Anne Sporcic
Anna Wilson