Boredom | Graduate Conference


BOREDOM Graduate Conference | March 21, 2015

Boredom is an interdisciplinary conference investigating notions boredom in the arts and humanities and related disciplines. More intense than apathy or indifference, boredom can seem like doom. More than a few artists can’t imagine anything more horrible than suddenly realizing that all of their work is boring, even to them.

Boredom investigates the artistic and theoretical potentials and challenges of this peculiar concept: is boredom an emotional state, or does it hint at something more substantial than the ephemerality of experience? Focusing on research, art-making and experience, our conference will pull from a variety of disciplines and approaches to address the fundamental and theoretical questions about boredom and its role in forming the contemporary subject. We have suggested that candidates consider the potential of boredom and all its aspects: as critical gesture, theme, or as a strategy for mining experience; continuities or shifts in how boredom operates across periods and how these reverberate on the 21st-century subject. Graduate and post-graduate students at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels are invited to submit abstracts for presentations of twenty minutes. We invite papers from a variety of disciplines and approaches, addressing the fundamental and theoretical questions about social constructions from the perspectives of visual culture, art history, and art practice.

Graduate student candidates from various fields are encouraged to submit abstracts or artist panel proposals, including but not limited to visual arts, (art) history, museum studies, cultural studies, gender studies and theory. This multidisciplinarity encourages perspectives that address or intersect with visual culture, art history and art practice.

The deadline for submissions is now closed. All applicants will be notified by February 23rd, 2015. A complete schedule of panelists, keynote and professional speakers we be posted shortly.

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