Cody Barteet


Dr. Cody Barteet, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Binghamton University (SUNY)
M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
B.A., College of Charleston, SC


My research explores the impact of race and gender on the production of art, architecture, and urbanism.  I’m specifically interested in how current research trends in EDI-D methodologies, digital technologies, environmental studies, and historic perseveration can assist in our understanding of historical Hispanic American art and architecture production and 20th-century ecclesiastical art practices in Canada and the United States. In either, I’m particularly interested in the build form and its manifestations in architecture, monuments, sculptural ensembles, maps, and other textual data.. My teaching reflects these research interests as my courses analyze the visual cultures of pre-contact Americas, Renaissance and Baroque art, architecture and urbanism, and topics on race and gender and monument culture.

Research and Teaching Areas

  • Research Field 1: Hispanic American Art and Architecture; Colonial Yucatán; 16th to 19th century; Colonial Maya and Spanish Cartography

  • Research Field 2: 20th-Century Stained Glass in Canada and the United States; Canadian and U.S. Religious Art and Architecture

  • Teaching: Architecture and Urbanism; Race and Gender; pre-Contact Americas; Northern Renaissance; Italian Renaissance; Baroque Europe and Global Baroque; American Art and Architecture; Monuments and Memorials

Current Projects

My current research and publications are exploring two different historical moments in the art of the Americas. My first area continues to build upon my work in colonial Yucatán. I am currently co-editing multiple journal issues on the mobility of visual and textual objects and of disparate peoples, whether Indigenous, African, or European, throughout the Hispanic world. I have additional essays in progress on the impact of environmental changes in late colonial Yucatán contributed to the rise of certain religious cults and the reliance of itinerant workforces to construct new buildings across the peninsula. 

My second research program addresses issues of digital humanities and artistic heritage of the Anglican churches of the Diocese of Huron (London, Ontario). The project documents and records the significant artistic production that occurred in stained glass, architecture, and sculpture throughout Southern Ontario from the late 19th-century until today. Likewise, this research program consists of exhibitions and establishes a visual database documenting the diverse artistic works created in Southern Ontario.


Barteet, Iraboty Kazi, and Anahí González. Symphony of Lights Revised Edition: St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church and Stained Glass in London, Ontario (Ecampus Ontario, Pressbooks, Jan. 2024)
Barteet, Architectural Rhetoric and the Iconography of Authority in Colonial Yucatán: The Casa de Montejo (New York and Milton Park, Abingdon: Routledge, Visual Culture in Early Modernity, e-print Jul. 2019, print 2020),


Barteet, and Katie Oates. “The Creation of a ‘Transcendental Experience’: Stained Glass by Christopher Wallis for St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Ontario.” The Journal of Stained Glass, 46 (2022): 32-44 “The Retablos of Teabo and Mani: The Evolution of Renaissance Altars in Colonial Yucatán.” Arts 10:23 (April 2021): 25 pages,
Barteet, “Maya Heraldic Arms: The Merging of Spanish and Maya Visual Cultures in the Memorial Shield to the Massacre at Otzmal.” Konsthistorisk tidskrift: Journal of Art History (April 2017): 1-22,


Barteet and Iraboty Kazi. “Into the Garden: Jamelie Hassan & Ron Brenner in Oaxaca, Mexico.” Weldon Library, UWO. Apr. 17th-26th, 2023.
Barteet, Katie Oates, and Tanner Layton. “Reflecting on Religious Imagery Through Documentation and Quotidian Objects.” Cohen Common, Visual Arts, UWO. Jan. 12th-26th, 2023.
Barteet, Anahí González and Iraboty Kazi. “Symphony of Lights: An Exploration of Stained-Glass Windows in St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, London, ON.” Artlab, UWO.  Feb. 8th-19th, 2021.

Open-Access Publications 

ArcGIS Maps
Barteet, “Stained Glass by Yvonne Williams.” In “Yvonne Williams: Life and Work of an Influential Stained Glass Artist.” By Kazi and Barteet (May 11, 2023)
Barteet, “Stained Glass by Christopher Wallis.” In Christopher Wallis: Works of Stained Glass by A Local Artist in London, Ontario. By Katie Oates (May 11, 2023)

ArcGIS StoryMaps
Kazi, Iraboty and C. Cody Barteet, “Yvonne Williams: Life and Work of an Influential Stained Glass Artist.” (July 25, 2022). Percentages: 50%, 50%, respectively.

Grants and Awards 

Faculty Research Development Fund-Research (FDRF-R), “Deciphering the Sotuta Map and the Cocom Images from Colonial Yucatan,” 2023-2024

SSHRC Explore and Exchange. Project: “Rise of Maya Itinerant Artists and Architects in Colonial Yucatan: Responding to Labor Practices.” 2023-24

Co-Investigator, Barteet and Courtney Waugh, Strategic Priority Funds-150 (SPF). Project “Documenting and Teaching the Art of Stained Glass through Digital Technology.” 2022-24

FDRF, “Yvonne Williams and Her Legacy,” UWO, 2021-22

FDRF-R, “Preserving the Cultural and Artistic Heritage of St. John the Evangelist, London, Ontario: A Model for Anglican Churches of the Diocese of Huron,” UWO, 2020-21


Postdoctoral Fellow Supervision

Katie Oates, PhD. Project: “Documenting and Teaching the Art of Stained Glass through Digital Technologies.” 2022-23

PhD in Art and Visual Culture - Committee Member/ Second Reader


Natalie Scola, Department of Visual Arts, UWO, Topic: Botany in Early Modern Art, in progress
Ronique Gillis, Department of Visual Arts, UWO, Topic: Race in Colonial Canadian Art, in progress
Ana Moyer, Department of Visual Arts, UWO, PhD Thesis: “Apprenticeship in Canadian Tattooing,” ABD.
Calla Elia, Department of Visual Arts, UWO, Topic: Accessibly in Canadian Architecture, in progress
Iraboty Kazi, Department of Visual Arts, UWO, PhD Thesis: “Queer(ing) Spaces: Pastoral Landscapes as Heterotopias in Renaissance Art and Queer Cinema,” ABD.

Mohammed Jamil Afana, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, UWO. PhD Thesis: “La identidad cultural a través del espacio urbano y arquitectónico en la Ciudad de México: el caso de la Villa de Guadalupe.” Co-Supervision with Assoc. Professor Alena Robin, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, UWO, Aug. 2016

Aarnoud Rommens, Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, UWO. PhD Thesis: “Constellations of Contestation: Avant-Garde Regimes of Visibility/Legibility North and South.” Co-supervision with Assoc. Professor Allan Pero, Department of English, UWO, Aug. 2012

Masters Supervision

2021 Stephanie Anderson 

Major Research Project (MRP) Supervisor
Hanyu Xi, MRP: “The Displacement of Cultural Authenticity Under Neocolonialism: The Restoration of Buddhas of Bamiyan.” Completed Jul. 2023
Carina Pagotto, MRP: “Examining Stereotypical Versus Authentic Depictions of Italian and
Canadian Culture Through The Recreation of Familial Venetian/Trevisane-styled Italian Cards,” (co-supervision with Soheila Esfahani). Completed May 2022
Ana Moyer, MRP: “‘A Gift Our Ancestors Left for Us:’ An Examination of Tattooing Through the Artwork of Ningiukulu Teevee and Sarah Whalen-Lunn.” Completed Jul. 2021
Iraboty Kazi, MRP: “Glorification of Dante & Civic Identity in Fifteenth-Century Florence.” Completed Jul. 2019
Regan Benner, MRP: “The 24-hour Death and Disaster Cycle.” Completed Jul. 2018
Christie Dreise, MRP: “Infrastructure Canada: A Tour of ‘Everyday’ Canadian Spaces.” Completed Jul. 2017
Shelley Kopp, MRP: “The Vision for Pluralism at the Aga Khan Museum: A Potent Tool or a Paltry Gesture?” Completed Jul. 2017
Brett Cormier, MRP: “Cologne from the Fourth to the Sixth Century: The Emergence, Persistence, and Triumph of Christianity in the Late Roman and Early Medieval Eras.” Completed Jul. 2016
Quintin Teszeri, MRP: “An Object that Rewards a Considered Touch.” Completed Jul. 2015
Brad Morosan, MRP: “The Best Defense is a Good Offense: A Brief Look at Defensive Architecture.” Completed Jul. 2015
Natalie Romano, MRP: “The Art of Accessibility and Forming Consciousness: Suzanne Lacy, WochenKlausur, and Mammalian Diving Reflex.” Completed Dec. 2014 Nakasuk Alariaq, Thesis: “Sanagugavut: Art from Kinngait.” Reclaiming the Narrative: Art History in Kinngait.” Completed Sep. 2019
Mattehw Purvis, MA Thesis: “Abstraction and Libidinal Nationalism in the Works of John Boyle and Diana Thorneycroft.” Jun. 2015
Simon Bentley, MA Thesis: “Dance of Dance: The Work of Jack Chambers and Antonio López García.” Dec. 2011

Geddesa Mahabir, MA Thesis: “The Construction of the Late-Renaissance Individual.” Aug. 2011

Rosanna Mortillaro, MA Thesis: “Built Form and Meaning in the Sixteenth Century: Pope Sixtus V and The Lateran Palace.” Aug. 2010


AH 2622F/G: Italian Renaissance Art (Summer 24)
AH 3692: Crafting the U.S. Through Art and Architecture: Colonial to Present
AH 4690F/VISARTS 9566A: London’s Religious Art
ARTHUM 2200E: Topics in Arts and Humanities: Documenting, Digitizing, Maintaining Art and Community Activism Through the Stained Glass of Christopher Wallis
AH 4636F/VISARTS 9566A/9666A: Painting in Hispanic America
AH 2622F/G: Italian Renaissance Art (Summer 22)
AH 2670G: History of Architecture and Urbanism
VISARTS 9500: MA and MFA Research and Methods
VISARTS 9567B: Monuments and the Act of Remembering
AH 2630 F/G: Pre-Contact American Art and Architecture
AH 3620G: Race & Gender in Pre-Modern Art
AH 4620G/VISARTS 9566B: Portraiture Then and Now
VISARTS 9500: MA and MFA Research and Methods