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Your mental wellness should be a top priority as you work through your academic adventure at Western! Since we cannot do in-person "Wellness Wednesdays" anymore, our focus will be to provide you resources, tips, tricks, and motivation to help your overall mental wellness. This page will be updated frequently!

We know that right now is an especially stressful time, however, we hope these resources will help you continue to navigate your success.

Watch our Wellness Video: Making an Exam Stress Kit

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December 2: Painting it Out

SSC Wellness Committee, in collaboration with LAMP 2.0, are excited to present to you PAINTING IT OUT! Come and let out the last of your 2020 stress and anxiety by joining us. Bring any art supplies you have (pencils count) and get ready to create a masterpiece to let out all your pent up emotions. When you join us for our 2020 cleanse, you will also be entered to win $100 worth of gift cards!

Get ready to enter 2021 without those plaguing worries and give the new year a fresh and clean start! Here’s to a new year, new us! 

Western Perspective Project

Western Perspective Project Covid-19 Edition. Campaign Launch (via Facebook).

The Science Students’ Council is back again with the Western Perspective Project, a year-long campaign to promote mental health awareness, spark conversation with students, and change the culture surrounding the struggles we experience in university. Our very first theme for this year is surrounding the struggles of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has brought with it unique struggles for most of us. We have been fighting against a pandemic to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our community safe. The fight has not been easy for most of us, and adapting to the constant changes has brought with it unique obstacles and challenges. However, through the project we want to highlight that you are not alone in the struggles that you have been experiencing over the past few months.

Many students fear that they are alone in the issues they experience during university, which is a mindset that needs to change. Overcoming the cultural fear of struggling and understanding that we all have difficult times can offer a valuable opportunity for reflection and growth. Each week in November, we will be sharing stories from your peers and professors that shed light on experiencing or overcoming difficulties during COVID-19. The Wellness Committee hopes that seeing these stories will open similar conversations in your own personal life and further strengthen networks of support within the Western Community.

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