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Science & Math Virtual Support

Learning Development & Success’ (LDS) Science and Math Learning Specialists will be offering virtual sessions to assist students taking Summer, Intersession or Distance Studies problem solving courses at Western.  The Learning Specialists can help guide you through the problem solving process, help connect you with valuable resources to support your learning and help you deepen your subject area knowledge in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus and other Math courses.    

Please Note: The Science and Math Learning Specialists are not able to assist with specific questions that will be marked e.g. assignment questions. 

Sessions are 25 min in length (each session begins on the half hour) and they will be conducted through Zoom.  Sessions will be booked for the same day and the next day only.  If these are full, you will need to wait a day and then send another email request. 

Once you have had one session, you will be free to schedule another session if you wish and if there is availability.

How To Book A Session:

1.  Email learning@uwo.ca and include in the subject line: “Science/Math Virtual Help”

2.  In your email, please list your availability for a same day or next-day session between the hours of 9:30am-4pm (Monday-Friday). 

3. After your session is booked, on the day of your session, you will receive a Zoom invitation link to your Western email address for your scheduled date and time.  Please only click on the Zoom meeting link at the time scheduled for your session.

“Bring” to your session:

1.  If you wish to ask about specific homework questions, have files or clear screen shots of your questions, and your work, open on your desktop and available for sharing with the Learning Specialist. If your textbook is online, please have it available to share if needed.  Please also have solution files open if available.

2. If you have general questions about problem solving or developing effective strategies for a particular course, please make a list of these questions to discuss with the Learning Specialist. 

Beginning a session:

1.  Please utilize the Zoom invitation that was sent to your Western email address to access your session at the scheduled date and time.  Click on the website link under the heading “Location.” 

2.  If you experience technical difficulties and cannot join the meeting, please use the Live Chat feature on the Learning Development & Success main page (learning.uwo.ca) to let us know what is occurring and/or ask for assistance.

3.  If you do not join the meeting at the scheduled time, and we do not hear from you via Live Chat, the counsellor will wait 10 minutes and then will close the meeting link. 

What if you need to cancel? 

Please email learning@uwo.ca and notify us of the cancellation as soon as possible. 

Please note: If a student does not meet for their scheduled session two times in a row, they will need to wait one week until they are permitted to book another session.