Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission is a document that allows you to take one or more courses at another university as a visiting student and transfer the credit(s) towards your degree at Western University. Students must apply to the academic counselling office of their faculty for a Letter of Permission to take courses at another university (note the non-refundable fee charged by the Registrar's Office) and must be submitted before you register at the other university. If you take a course without requesting a Letter of Permission, you may have to apply for re-admission to this university.

Steps to take:

  • Complete a Request for Letter of Permission form and the Letter of Permission Checklist
  • Visit the other university's website for a description of the course(s) that you wish to take
  • Print off the course description and take it to the department for approval - they will review and sign your Request for Letter of Permission if they approve
  • Once approved by the department, bring the completed form to the academic counselling office for approval
  • Completed forms must be submitted to the academic counselling office by the published deadlines
  • You must adhere to the other university's policy/deadlines for admission as a visiting student, and to Western's policies and deadlines for completing the course. Remember to have an official transcript transferred to Western upon completion of the course(s). Instructions and deadlines are provided on your copy of the letter of permission form and on the Registrar's Office website.

Courses Taken at an Online University

For summer courses, coursework must be completed and the final exam must be written by August 31. Transcripts must be sent to Western prior to the November 2 deadline for the submission of grades. 

If we have not received a transcript by November 2, you will receive an "F" for the courses. No exceptions/extensions will be given unless proof is provided that the course was completed prior to August 31.

The following links provide more information on Letters of Permission.

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