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  • Ready to launch


    Canada’s expertise in space exploration has long been recognized through high-profile projects such as the Canadarm program, a series of robotic arms used on the space shuttle orbiters to deploy, manoeuvre and capture payloads. Now, two new homegrown innovations are set to further raise the country’s space science standing.

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  • U.S. will not default, but Republicans won't be to blame if it does, McCarthy says

    By James McCarten, The Canadian Press, May 25, 2023

    The United States won't go into default on its debt, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted Wednesday — but the highest-ranking Republican on Capitol Hill also said it won't be his fault if it does. A default would trigger "pretty much an immediate recession" in the U.S., said Cristián Bravo Roman, an expert in banking and insurance analytics

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  • From beloved West African cuisine to Canadian road salt, corrosion study opens new path

    By Megan Stacey, Western News, May 24, 2023

    What does a traditional West African dish have to do with road salt spread across snowy Canadian streets every winter? The two subjects are equal passions for chemistry PhD candidate Robert Addai, who works in Western’s Material Science Addition lab and studies how metals corrode when they come into contact with food and road salts.

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  • Western University researchers develop sustainable packaging substitute using hemp

    By Kelly Wang, Global News, May 14, 2023

    Western chemistry professor Elizabeth Gillies, mechanical and materials engineering professor Aaron Price, and their research teams worked with CTK Bio Canada to develop the new biodegradable material. “When it comes to packaging, plastic replaces things like metal and glass. Those are heavy and expensive,” said Gillies, who is also the Canada Research Chair in polymeric biomaterials.

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  • New hemp-based biomaterial may solve global microplastic pollution crisis

    By Jeff Renaud, Western News, May 12, 2023

    Western chemistry professor Elizabeth Gillies, mechanical and materials engineering professor Aaron Price and their research teams worked with industry partner CTK Bio Canada to develop a new biodegradable, hemp-based material that could serve as a sustainable substitute for packaging needs for a wide variety of products.

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  • 2023 DC Plan Summit: AI insights on financial wellness

    By Blake Wolfe, Benefits Canada, May 12, 2023

    Financial stress is impacting Canadians’ mental and physical health, as well as decisions related to their pension plans, said Matt Davison, Western University’s dean of science and principal researcher, during a session at Benefits Canada‘s 2023 DC Plan Summit. In an analysis of the National Payroll Institute’s annual survey, Western’s financial wellness lab found respondents’ financial perspectives were characterized by their responses to questions about emergency funding, the use of debt to pay for essentials and the impact of financial stress on work productivity.

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  • Enjoy ‘day of discovery’ with award-winning Western team at Science Rendezvous

    By Megan Stacey, Western News, May 10, 2023

    An award-winning Western team is planning a free, family-friendly event full of science and art exploration for kids and community members of all ages. Science Rendezvous will take over Western’s Alumni Stadium on May 13 as part of a nationwide event bringing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programming to the masses in more than 30 Canadian cities.

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  • Canadian Researchers Receive Funding for Continuing AstroSat Science Investigations

    By Marc Boucher, SpaceQ, May 10, 2023

    Three Canadian researchers, including Pauline Barmby from physics and astronomy, have been awarded funding for 2022-23 science investigations using the AstroSat astronomy space-based observatory. Barmby will combine AstroSat images of the ultraviolet light emitted by a sample of low surface brightness spiral galaxies with data from other telescopes to understand the current and past properties of these enigmatic galaxies and others.

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  • Is Your Favorite New Mushroom Eradicating Native Mushroom Species?

    By Natalie Jesionka, Modern Farmer, May 01, 2023

    Golden oyster mushrooms, with sunny-golden thumbprint caps, branch-like gills and clusters of fruiting bodies, are originally from Japan, Eastern Russia and Northern China, and they are prized for their culinary uses. Now, some experts in the field are saying it might be too late to prevent the mushroom from overtaking American forests.

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  • Konermann receives Distinguished University Professors accolade

    By Keri Ferguson, Western News, April 27, 2023

    Recognized as one of the “stars” in the Faculty of Science, Konermann has established himself as an international leader in the field of protein mass spectrometry. “Konermann’s research has contributed tremendously to the capabilities of mass spectrometry for understanding the role of proteins in health and disease, including cystic fibrosis and Alzheimer’s disease,” one of his nominators writes.

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