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  • CBC: The race to avoid the next pandemic

    Battling COVID-19 has been tough enough. But these scientists are already looking to predict — and possibly prevent — future viral threats. Dr. Brock Fenton, among other Western researchers, contributes.

  • CBC London Morning (Audio): Is it possible to knock a space rock off its course?

    Western University's Paul Wiegert is an asteroid expert. Wiegert tells London Morning about the importance of a new space mission to launch a rocket at an asteroid to see if its path can be altered (DART).

  • LFP: Western University astrophysicist over the moon as published author

    Think about the books that inspired you as a child. Now imagine the publisher of those same books contacts you out of the blue asking if you want to write one for a new generation of readers. Londoner Parshati Patel is living that scenario, and the result is her 96-page children’s volume, My Book of Stars and Planets.

  • Western News: Western Space educator’s book inspires kids

    New science book by Parshati Patel is a blast into vast space. There’s so much material astrophysicist Parshati Patel would like to have included in her debut book. But there was just too little space for all that space. My Book of Stars and Planets is a colourful, pint-sized blast through the vastness of the universe, in fewer than 100 pages.