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Dean's Statement on Anti-Racism

Racism has no place in the University or London community. Everyone in Western Science is appalled by news of violence directed against Black and Indigenous people, particularly in Canada. This intensifies our resolve to remove obstacles and systemic barriers to creating a community in our Faculty of Science in which we can all study Science in an atmosphere of mutual respect. As a Faculty of Science and as members of the London community, we condemn all racist acts, whether intended or arising from ignorance, and the power imbalances they reflect and perpetuate. Power imbalances and racial biases also exist in our own Faculty community.

Our resolve to improve must be matched with thoughtful action. I affirm Western Science's active role and support in Western's response to the Anti-Racism Working Group Report. Over the coming weeks, I commit to working within and outside our Faculty to identify issues from staff, faculty, and students. This process will be followed by planning and action within our Faculty of Science, informed and led by our community. We will, together, speak up and stand up for the changes needed.

Matt Davison, Faculty of Science Dean


  • SkyNews: How Canada is training the next lunar astronauts

    Western University’s space geology training is suddenly a trending topic. After years educating astronauts in Canada and other countries, the university is potentially on the leading edge of assisting a new effort: to send a Canadian to lunar orbit by 2023.

  • CTV: One year since downing of Flight PS752 which killed four Western students

    Four Western students were among 176 people killed when a passenger jet was shot down by the Iranian military one year ago. Dozens of victims had ties to Canada including the four students from Western University. Commemorations began Thursday night with a live stream at 9:42 p.m. ET, which was the exact time that Flight PS752 took off from the airport. Western President Alan Shepherd provided remarks for the international memorial event. In honour of those who lost their lives the University College flag will fly at half-mast starting until Saturday and the building will be lit up in purple in remembrance.

  • Western News: Scholarships launched in memory of Iranian students

    Through every student who will receive a scholarship in her name, Hadis Hayatdavoudi will live on. Hayatdavoudi, a graduate student in chemistry, was one of four Western students who died aboard Ukraine Flight PS752 a year ago, on Jan. 8, 2020. The new scholarship bearing her name will support one chemistry student with $3,000 each year. “It is something perhaps that may help her family feel that her name is kept alive and that part of her will remain with all of the students who will receive this scholarship,” said Nasim Bagheri, who earned her PhD in chemistry at Western in 1988 and whose $30,000 gift launched the scholarship. “It will be a constant reminder of who Hadis was,” Bagheri said.

  • The Globe and Mail: A lunar milestone: Canada will send an astronaut around the moon in deal with U.S.

    A Canadian astronaut will fly around the moon as early as 2023 in NASA’s first crewed mission back to Earth’s only natural satellite in half a century, a giant leap forward for this country’s lunar-exploring ambitions. Canada’s seat in the historic mission is part of an agreement between the U.S. and Canadian space agencies. Canada has committed to supply a pair of robotic arms for the Lunar Gateway, a space station to be assembled in lunar orbit later this decade that is intended to operate without a human presence most of the time.