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News Highlights

  • Field station garden provides ‘safe haven’ for pollinators

    By Keri Ferguson, Western News, August 12, 2022

    What germinated as an idea last fall is now in full bloom at the Environmental Sciences Western Field Station. Field station manager Grant Edwards and horticultural specialist technician Caroline Rasenberg have created a pollinator garden at the site, located 14 kilometres north of campus on Wonderland Road, where researchers in the departments of biology, physics and astronomy and geology, along with those from the Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada conduct inter and multidisciplinary research.

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  • What’s Ontario’s favourite animal? The case for the little brown bat

    By Nathaniel Basen, TVO, August 09, 2022

    Alberta has the bighorn sheep. Manitoba has the plains bison. Yukon has the raven. So what’s Ontario’s official animal? We don’t have one — yet. The loon is our official bird, but we can’t help but think that Ontario’s other furry and feathery (and slippery and leathery) denizens haven’t been given a chance to compete.

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  • Western student’s education advocacy work goes global

    By Joshua Goeree, Special to Western News,, Western News, August 09, 2022

    Nineteen-year-old medical science student Kenisha Arora has always loved giving back to her community and advocating for education around the world. Now, she is taking her love of education activism to the United Nations next month as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) youth representative for North America and Europe.

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  • Mushrooms are in season in London, here's what you need to know

    CBC News, August 09, 2022

    You might start noticing tiny white and brown mushrooms popping up in your lawn. The scorching weather has made it hard for mushrooms to grow, but now, they are finally in season in London. "There's quite a diversity of things starting to come out," said Greg Thorn, a biology professor at Western University who has been studying mushrooms for around 40 years.

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