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News Highlights

  • The beauty of bugs and biodiversity on display at Western's McIntosh Gallery

    By Michelle Both , CBC News, May 24, 2022

    If bugs could carry protest signs, what would they say? A new exhibit at Western University's McIntosh Gallery is exploring the idea by blending art and science to showcase the beautiful, diverse and vital role of insects under threat. "Insects are the most diverse organisms on earth," said Nina Zitani, curator of the zoological collections in the department of biology at Western University.

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  • Elgin data breach 'devastating' for victims at risk of identity theft: Experts

    By Norman De Bono, London Free Press, May 13, 2022

    The theft of personal data from Elgin County may prove “devastating” to those affected, say technology analysts, who also question the municipality for lack of transparency in dealing with the crisis. Personal information for 330 people, some of it highly sensitive, was compromised by a “cyber-security incident” that knocked out Elgin County’s website and email system for nearly a month, the county said.

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  • When you look into the abyss

    By Helen Mann & Chris Howan, CBC, May 10, 2022

    Space Telescope Images - When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks...pretty amazing. The James Webb Space Telescope has sent back its first images, and one astronomer tells us she gives them a starred review.

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  • Western’s research internship opens career opportunity for math grad

    By Rebecca Milec, Western News, May 04, 2022

    Every door you open in your undergraduate degree can shape your future. This is what Daniel Carranza, BSc’21, discovered during his time at Western University, which led him to publishing his first paper in Logical Methods In Computer Science before finishing his undergraduate degree.

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