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Dean's Statement on Anti-Racism

Racism has no place in the University or London community. Everyone in Western Science is appalled by news of violence directed against Black and Indigenous people, particularly in Canada. This intensifies our resolve to remove obstacles and systemic barriers to creating a community in our Faculty of Science in which we can all study Science in an atmosphere of mutual respect. As a Faculty of Science and as members of the London community, we condemn all racist acts, whether intended or arising from ignorance, and the power imbalances they reflect and perpetuate. Power imbalances and racial biases also exist in our own Faculty community.

Our resolve to improve must be matched with thoughtful action. I affirm Western Science's active role and support in Western's response to the Anti-Racism Working Group Report. Over the coming weeks, I commit to working within and outside our Faculty to identify issues from staff, faculty, and students. This process will be followed by planning and action within our Faculty of Science, informed and led by our community. We will, together, speak up and stand up for the changes needed.

Matt Davison, Faculty of Science Dean


  • Daily Mail: Bright meteor lights up the skies over northeastern Mexico to the delight of stargazers

    Residents in northeastern Mexico spotted an incredibly bright meteor crossing the night's sky earlier this week. The meteor flew over Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, as well as Coahuila and Tamaulipas, at 10:14 pm Tuesday according to Mexico's Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Research.

  • CTV News: Early Morning Fireball

    Dr. Denis Vida (Department of Physics and Astronomy) talks with CTV Toronto about a recent fireball event (18:31).

  • Space Ref: New international partnership launches Western into space

    As a child, Jayshri Sabarinathan looked to the heavens most nights from her family’s apartment terrace using her prized possession – a telescope – desperate to catch a glimpse of the infamous Halley’s comet zooming though the sky. Fast forward 34 years and a new landmark partnership announced Wednesday by Institute for Earth and Space Exploration (Western Space) presents Sabarinathan with a chance of a lifetime – a rocket launch for her own out-of-this-world project.

  • The Tom McConnel Show - Catherine Neish, Life on Venus

    Professor Catherine Neish from the Department of Earth Sciences joins the Tom McConnel Show to discuss the confirmation of Phosphine around Venus, and why it might indicate a sign of life on Venus.