• CTV News: Using statistical math as the solution to emergency room wait times (Video)

    It's no surprise that Emergency Departments across the province struggle with wait times and overcapacity. As Dr. David Stanford (Western University) explains, "as a general rule, waiting longer means waiting to begin treatment and that is generally bad." Stanford and his team developed a formula that would reduce or rid hospitals of hallway medicine.

  • Saskatoon Express: What Brought me to Saskatoon with Jigang Zhou (PhD'07)

    In my first morning at my recent workshop attendance at London, Ont., I walked around the university campus to visit the student apartment where I stayed during my first winter in Canada. Outside the apartment, a Canada goose got my attention and I wondered "Why do some geese select London to stay and some Saskatoon?" "What brought me to Saskatoon?"

  • The Province: Math theory key to axing hallway health care: Western researcher

    Want shorter hospital wait times? Do the math. A Western University researcher is using a century-old mathematical principle — queueing theory — to understand the perennial problem of emergency room backlogs and offer solutions to fix it. “The health-care system works to the average. . . . There’s no aspect whatsoever to deal with variability, and queueing theory is all about variability,” said Western statistical and actuarial sciences professor David Stanford. “It’s an absolute necessity that this aspect be taken into account if we’re going to get rid of hallway medicine.”

  • Radio Western: National Celebration of Science at Western

    Although predicted weather wasn’t great on Saturday morning, the Science Faculty at Western did not back down on hosting their second Science Rendezvous event at the TD Stadium. The event ran from 10am-4pm and had a crowd from the beginning even with gloomy, rainy weather. The stadium that was filled with little kids running around with balloons and big smiles on their face participated at over 25 booths that explored the wonders of science.