Financial Services

Budget Considerations

Ask yourself:  If I bought everything on my equipment list, would my lab be fully functional?


  • Facilities Management should be contacted for all lab renovations
  • Consider renovations or interface issues with mechanicals such as water hook-up, air filtration, electrical connections, exhaust, specialty gases, etc.
  • Consider communication/data infrastructure cabling
  • Consider lab security (e.g. swipe card access)

Equipment Design

  • Consider compatibility with existing or new equipment and/or software
  • Consider the physical dimensions and weights of the assembled equipment
  • Include Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for equipment backups
  • Consider a Nitrogen generator instead of rental cylinders
  • Consider anti-vibraiton tables for sensitive instruments
  • Ask for vendor references when considering equipment design

Quotation Validity Period

  • Include an inflation factor in the budget if a quote is only valid for 30 days.
  • Ask the vendor if they anticipate price increases in the near future
  • Quoted instruments and software should be the latest releases and new releases will be obtained within a specific period after delivery.