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Operating & Endowment Fund Investing

Western has two broad sources of funds to be managed and invested:

Endowed Portfolio
The objective of managing the Endowed Portfolio is to yield sufficient returns to provide an annual stable amount for spending and also to preserve the capital so that future generations can benefit in the same manner as current generations.

Operating Portfolio
Western has a signficiant amount of operating, or non-endowed funds.  These funds include donations, ancillary revenues (such as the residences and food services), government grants, capital revenues, tuition fees and research grants and contracts.  A core portion of these operating funds are not required to meet Western's ongoing day-to-day and year-to-year expenditure needs and this core balance of funds has a long time horizon.  Therefore, some of these funds are invested long term along with the Endowed Portfolio and the balance is invested on a short-term basis.  The objective of managing these funds is to earn additional returns over time to exceed the returns that would have been earned by investing in short term money market instruments, while ensuring that the University's daily cash needs are met.

Management of the day-to-day investment activities for Western is the responsibility of:

Martin Bélanger
Director, Investments
519.661.2111 Ext. 80314

Tom Keenleyside
Associate Director, Investments
519.661.2111 Ext. 82628

Diane Stechly-Hoover
Director, Treasury Services
519.661.2111 Ext. 85408

This team works closely with Western's Investment Committee on investment matters and implementing Committee directives.  Responsibilities include:

Asset Mix

External Investment Managers

Investment Philosophy and Beliefs


Spending Policy