Financial Services

Employee Computer Purchase Plan

The Employee Computer Purchase Plan is part of the benefits program for regular full-time employees of Western.

The Plan assists University employees in acquiring personal computers from Western's Campus Computer Store by offering:

Visit the Campus Computer Store to review available computer systems.

Loan Arrangements

Loans are administered by Accounts Receivable and can be arranged for amounts up to $4,000 for a term no longer than 24 months.  Payments are arranged through payroll deduction.  The current interest rate is set by Canada Revenue Agency and is subject to change on a quarterly basis. There is no penalty for early payoff.

Only one computer loan can be active at a time.  Subsequent computer purchases may be financed through payroll deduction once the first loan has been paid in full.  To obtain your account balance and/or pay off your computer loan, contact  Payouts can be made by cheque, cash, VISA or MasterCard.