Mustang Market

Mustang Market upgrade was installed in November, 2021. 

To see information about what changed check out the details here.


Mustang Market is Western's web-based eProcurement solution for sourcing and purchasing items. Using Mustang Market, you can search for and buy many products such as:

        • Office Supplies
        • Electronics
        • MRO
        • Scientific Supplies
        • and more

To learn how to use Mustang Market please visit the Training and Reference page.

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Mustang Market


Mustang Market provides ACCESS


Enhanced customer service by adding more self-serve features


Adequate controls and approval processes are in place


Negotiated better pricing using tools that ensure contracted pricing is applied to all Western purchases with increased visibility into our spend for procurement for procurement


More efficient tools to allow staff and researchers to spend less time on procurement related activities


Cost savings that will go back to the individual research projects and departments at Western


One-stop shopping experience that is easy to use (Amazon-like)

Benefits of Mustang Market

Mustang Market provides a variety of benefits, including:

      • Saving you money when purchasing from Western's preferred vendors.
      • Generate a requisition, purchase order, and order from the vendor all in one system.
      • A simple interface that streamlines shopping.
      • Approvers manage approval tasks from a smartphone.
      • Submit invoices for payment online, no need to send a hardcopy of the invoice.
      • Request a cheque, change an order, or generate a standing order, all online using forms.
      • Finance can track items being purchased and use the data to request further discounts from vendors. 


Mustang Market Postcard