Treasury & Investments

Treasury supports the overall cash management function for the University.  In accordance with various University financial policies, as well as our Statement of Investment Objectives, Policies & Governance, the Treasury team is responsible for investments, borrowing, billings, collections and day-to-day cash flow needs.

The above responsibilities involve a broad range of activities including developing asset allocation and risk management strategies, hiring & monitoring investment managers, investment performance oversight, reporting to the governing bodies of the University, obtaining financing for capital projects, providing units across campus with deposit processing and petty cash reimbursement, and effective and efficient invoicing and payment processing. 

Flowering Tree

Accounts Receivable

Learn more about billings and collections at Western, including invoice payment options, unit invoicing responsibilities, tax information and recoverable salary processes.

Cash Management

Central Cashier

Learn more about the services provided by the Central Cashier including petty cash reimbursement, deposit processing and credit card payment processing.

Cash Management

Employee Computer Purchase Plan

Learn more about computer discounts and loan arrangements available to regular full-time employees of Western.
Housing Loan

Guaranteed Housing Loan Plan

Learn more about housing loan assistance offered to regular full-time faculty and staff.

Endowment Fund Investing

Operating & Endowment Fund Investing

Learn more about how Western manages its endowed and non-endowed funds including information relating to policies, performance and oversight.