Purchasing Equipment at Western

All electrical equipment used on campus must be certified for use in Ontario to minimize the risk of a fire and/or personal harm while operating the equipment.

When purchasing equipment, ensure the equipment supplier is aware of the required approvals that are acceptable by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).
There is a higher risk of equipment purchased from overseas countries will not have the correct certification.
For example, the CE mark is a European certification not recognized in Canada.


Contact Procurement Services if you receive equipment without the acceptable approvals. Do not use the equipment until it receives an ESA or equivalent approval.

ESA recognized certification markings can be viewed at: https://esasafe.com/electrical-products/recognized-certification-marks

Further information is avaialble at: https://www.uwo.ca/hr/form_doc/health_safety/doc/hazard_alerts/electrical_safety_advisory.pdf 

Have you considered the sustainable impacts of equipment?

Visit the Sustainable Procurement Factsheet for Laboratroy Equipment for details.