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Shipping, Couriers & Routing of Shipments

The Customs and Logistics Team can assist with ensuring your goods are delivered to you in the most economical fashion, consistent with your needs.

Since there is no single transportation provider that can serve the diverse needs of the University campus, the Customs and Logistics area distributes a Courier Selection guide to assist campus in making an informed choice of the carrier who may best be able to serve their needs.  

For outbound shipping, several preferential rate agreements exist with well known couriers, express airways, forwarders and trucking companies who provide services worldwide.

Several factors need to be considered when determining the best suited mode of transportation and when selecting a transportation provider.  Price is not always the determining factor.

The following are some things to be considered when selecting a carrier:

The Customs and Logistics team can assist with unusual special transportation requirements such as ocean freight or specialty carriers such as flat bed services or refrigerated services.

 For enquiries regarding carrier selection, routings or rates, please contact the Customs and Logistics team.

Expediting and Tracking of Shipments

Occasionally orders require additional oversight to ensure they are not delayed in transit. Whether the goods are perishable, high valued, time sensitive, or require coordination due to unique transport requirements, the Customs and Logistics team can assist with making special arrangements, where necessary, to ensure the order arrives with a minimal delay.

 Many carriers now offer web based tracking of their shipments. Occasionally, the need for a shipment may become critical after the shipment has been made. In such cases, the Customs and Logistics team can assist with tracing and expediting shipments on a case by case basis; thus reducing the transit time of your goods.