Mustangs Winter 2021 Digital Programming

We are offering live digital programming again this Winter! From live in-person fitness classes every day, esports opportunities, to pre-recorded active living and informational videos, we hope you will check out our offerings and join us this Winter for some Mustangs active-living and community connections. All our online Winter digital classes are FREE for the Western campus community.

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Campus Recreation

We're putting out LIVE fitness content regularly through Instagram and Zoom. Follow us to stay up-to-date on everything we have going on, and check our website for updates!


One of the best things you can do is keep active, if possible. Live Digital Class days and times are subject to change without notice. For in-person schedule, visit

Schedule starting January 11, 2021. NEW schedule starting April 12, 2021.

*PLEASE NOTE: On Tuesday, February 9, Yoga will be offered at 10:00am. The change is ONLY for this date.

Winter IGTV or Zoom as noted
Monday Pilates 6pm IGTV
Tuesday Bootcamp 8pm IGTV
Tuesday Yoga noon IGTV *
Wednesday Cardio Kickbox` 8pm IGTV
Wednesday HIIT Pilates 6pm IGTV
Thursday Cardio Dance 4:30pm ZOOM
Friday Pilates 6pm IGTV
Saturday Jazz 11am IGTV
Sunday Ballet 11am IGTV
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the classes.



Please ensure you are exercising safely. If you are new to exercise, it is a good idea to complete this link:

As well, Harvard Medical School has published an article on 10 tips for exercising safely:

Want to watch on a larger screen PC screen for Instagram Live? You now can! Live classes are best streamed through Instagram Live on your mobile device @Western_Rec. If you wish to try to view it on a desktop, here is some information about how it may be possible: and

Virtual Learn to Run Program - Spring/Summer registration starting April 12

5km Learn to Run 16 & 24 Week Training Programs

The purpose of the 5km Learn to Run training program is to prepare you to be able to run 5km without walking. The best news? No prior running experience is necessary to learn how to train for a 5km. If you can walk and run, you can finish this program. The training program includes several short sessions during the week of only about 30 minutes each. You'll do a run-walk combo, alternating between running and walking segments to build up your endurance. Give it a try and you might just meet your goal and finish a 5km.

The 5km Learn to Run training program includes one 16-week and one 24-week program (based on a 7-day weekly schedule) to choose from, on how to train for a 5km to allow you flexibility to fit your lifestyle. For the 16-week program this is higher intensity and you run more, earlier in the program. For the 24-week program, the intensity increases at a slower rate and you run less, earlier in the program.

Campus Rec Reachouts Video Series 

YouTube Series Header

Massage Mondays YouTube Channel
Trainer Tuesdays YouTube Channel
Aquatic Safety & First Aid YouTube Channel

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E-Sports Intramurals - Spring/Summer registration starting April 12.

Western Mustangs E-Sports 

Enter Mustangs E-Sports!!! 

This is an unprecedented time for campus intramurals across the country. We're always committed to providing intramural activities any way we know how, and we’re pursuing online gaming as a means to continue programming and keep our members engaged in new ways. There are lots of options available for different types of games and e-sports.
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As well, our team competing in League of Legends in the Ontario Post Secondary E Sports League came in 2nd overall for the inaugural season! Watch our @WesternMustangs social channels for updates and future activities.


Weekly FREE Online Fitness Class Schedule - text format

Winter IGTV (Zoom on Thursdays)
Monday Pilates 6pm
Tuesday Bootcamp 8pm
Tuesday Yoga noon
Wednesday Cardio Kickbox` 8pm
Wednesday HIIT Pilates 6pm
Thursday Cardio Dance 4:30pm ZOOM
Friday Pilates 6pm
Saturday Jazz 11am
Sunday Ballet 11am


One of the best things you can do is keep active, if possible.