FAQs Fall 2021

Western Sport and Recreation is excited to support in-person student programming while meeting Provincial and Middlesex London Health Unit guidelines, and providing robust cleaning and safety protocols. 

Updated FAQ details will continue to be posted, so please check back for changes or more details. FAQs are subject to change. Sport and Recreation appreciates that health and safety is a shared responsibility with those using its facilities. 

Please check our main Campus Rec page for our hours of operation.

Before entering the WRSC members must book a scheduled time in advance and follow Western's protocols for being on-campus. ONE BOOKING PER PERSON PER DAY. To ensure physical distancing, there will be reduced capacity in the facility. Members will book 60 minute workout blocks to guarantee a workout time. The reservation system is open now. 

Facility cleaning and sanitization will occur between workout blocks.

Participants will be asked to apply hand sanitizer immediately upon entry to the WSRC.

Washrooms will be available at the WSRC with additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place.

Showers, massage therapy, towel service, lockers (day use is available), and equipment rentals are NOT available at this time.

Facility Operations Video

Western University COVID-19 Information Page


What do I need for admission to Campus Recreation programming?

Individuals arriving at the Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC) starting September 22, will need to comply with the new provincial requirements, and will need to have the following things ready for staff:

  • - Proof of second vaccine completed 14 days prior (e.g. For September 22, this would be September 8. 
  • - Daily attestations - Green Check Mark
  • - Reservation Booked
  • - Western Student ID
  • - If they do not have a Western ONECard, they will need a piece of government photo ID
  • - Under 18, show vaccination and ID, or show ID

Accepted IDs

  • Birth certificate;
  • Driver’s licence;
  • Citizenship Card;
  • Ontario Photo Card;
  • Health Card (if offered);
  • Passport; and
  • Permanent resident card


  • Arrive in front of WSRC (Western Student Recreation Centre)
  • Staff will check their vaccination report and ID – student ID or government ID
  • Show the green check mark
  • Check in for their reservation
  • Scan into the facility

What’s available at Campus Recreation for working out?

Online pre-registration is required for all in-person programming, on shop.westernmustangs.ca. Students will also be required to complete a self-assessment on the Western App prior to coming to campus.

  • Each workout reservation will be for 1 hour.
  • Capacity in the building will be limited. We are closely following the guidance of Western and the Middlesex London Health Unit.
  • Washrooms will be open.
  • Staff will be cleaning the facility in between the scheduled workout times.
  • Masks may be removed once individuals are in their workout pods/space
  • More detailed pod information can be found in the news section at news/2020/Pod Information

Masks must be worn entering, exiting, and throughout the building. 

How do I register?

Visit shop.westernmustangs.ca and select Facility Reservation Access.  You will then see available workout spaces and fitness classes. Blocks will generally open 24 hours in advance, on the hour. E.g. Sunday at 8am, for Monday 8am workout blocks, etc...

How do I arrive for my pre-reserved time?

Students will be asked to line up outside the WSRC building along the building towards Sarnia Road in advance of their workout time, approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your reservation. A staff member will verify information, verify you have completed your COVID self-assessment (required each day you come to campus), and confirm your reservation time, as well as verifying that all individuals are wearing a mask before they enter the WSRC.

In addition, once students/members enter the WSRC, they will tap their Western ONECard, which will be tied to their account reservation on the Western Rec App.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering and exiting the facility as well as throughout the building.
  • NEW Students will also need to scan their ONECard on the way out of the building.


How is Campus Recreation separated from the Covid and Flu Clinic?

The Covid Vaccination and Testing Centre is not in the WSRC. It is now in the former Graphics Building, by Saugeen Maitland Hall.

What are the Pool rules?

WSRC Pool Reopens for Swimming Reservations - Sport and Recreation Services - Western University (uwo.ca)

What are my responsibilities if I book a workout or fitness class?

  • You must complete the COVID Self-Assessment each day you come on campus. Please see www.uwo.ca/coronavirus for more information.
  • You must arrive on-time for your workout time. Entry will not be permitted 15 minutes or more after the reservation time begins.
  • You must book ONLY ONE workout time per day.
  • You can cancel your space reservation up to 30 minutes prior to your workout time.
  • Download the Western Rec App in order to bring up the entry and exit barcode associated with your workout reservation.
  • You must wear a mask at all times while entering, exiting and in the facilities. Masks MAY be removed once individuals are in their workout pods/spaces only.
  • You must bring your bag with you at all times, including to your workout pod or class. Day use lockers are available but long-term lockers and changerooms are not available.
  • You must be diligent in physical distancing, washing hands and/or hand sanitizing, wearing a mask.
  • You must wipe down ALL equipment in your pod at the end of your workout session.
  • Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell. For more information visit www.uwo.ca/coronavirus

What if I need to cancel my workout time?

Due to the limited number of sessions offered currently, members are required to cancel their reservation if they are unable to attend. Reservations may be cancelled up to 30 minutes prior to their schedule time through the member’s online account. Cancellation requests through email or over the phone will not be processed.

If members fail to cancel their reservation 30 minutes prior to the start time, they will be considered a ‘no show’. The 1st time a reservation is a ‘no show’, the member will be subject to a 7-day suspension of their membership. The 2nd time a reservation is a ‘no show’, the member will be subject to a 30-day suspension of their membership.

What new measures have you introduced to help improve safety at the WSRC?

Sports and Recreation appreciates that health and safety is a shared responsiblity with those using its facilities. We have implemented a number of measures, including directional arrows, signage, and placement to ensure physical distancing can be achieved. Where possible, equipment may be disabled and/or relocated to facilitate this. Members are still expected to use best judgement when determining if a piece of equipment or workout area can be used safely while maintaining the recommended 2 metres (6 ft) of physical distancing.

What cleaning protocols do you have in place at the WSRC?

Sports and Recreation appreciates that health and safety is a shared responsibility with those using its facilities. We have new protocols in place to ensure robust cleaning measures in the WSRC. Staff will be performing a deep clean each night with new Electrostatic sprayers. Members will be asked to clean after each individual use using wipes provided by the WSRC. And staff will clean after every booking, prior to the next block of bookings.

Will participants be asked to apply hand sanitizer immediately upon entry and upon leaving WSRC?

Yes. We will be asking members to apply hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility, and we will have an increased number of hand sanitizer stations available throughout the WSRC.

We will not require Members to apply hand sanitizer when leaving, but it will be available.

Will members have to pre-register online before they workout?

Yes. We will be asking members to pre-register online for a workout appointment time on the Western Rec App in advance of arriving at the WSRC. Students will also have to fill out a COVID self-questionnaire on the Western App the day of their workout, prior to arrival.

What will the welcome desk look like?

Our Membership Services Associates will be behind plexiglass barriers at the front welcome desk. We ask that all members observe physical distancing. New signage and wayfinding information will be posted in the WSRC and outdoor fields upon reopening.

What will the workout pods look like?

See our article at news/2020/Pod Information.

Do not enter the sport facilities, if:

  1. You have travelled outside Canada during the previous 14 days.
  2. You have symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell.
  3. Someone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.
  4. Anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who has or is recovering from COVID-19.


Will Campus Recreation have self-screening tools?

All students must complete the COVID self-assessment questionnaire on the Western App prior to coming to campus. There will also be signage throughout the WSRC and other facility spaces informing members about our new procedures.

Will members be required to wear masks while working out?

Masks must be worn entering, exiting, and throughout the building at all times. Masks may be removed once individuals are in their workout pods/spaces only.

What are the hours of operation?

WSRC - Daily hours of operation can be found on the main page at https://www.uwo.ca/campusrec

To ensure physical distancing, what is the capacity in each facility? 

Western Campus Recreation is adhering to the Provincial and Middlesex London Health Unit guidelines, and Western has worked with a global architecture and space planning firm, to inform guidelines, signage and wayfinding. 

What about faculty, staff, alumni and others who have been WSRC members in the past?

Students will be first to access the WSRC. Timing for staff, faculty, alumni, external stakeholders and community users will be announced in the coming months.

How do I make a booking/reservation?

Members will be required to make a reservation using our new online booking system. There will be no walk-up workouts available initially. Visit shop.westernmustangs.ca and select Facility Reservation Access.

Example of current proposed procedures:

60 minutes per workout. After which time, we would close the doors to the WSRC and clean all surfaces. 

Can I use the water fountains?

No. Members are encouraged to bring a pre-filled water bottle for their workouts. Water fountains will be equipped with bottle fillers, but members are not permitted to drink directly from the water fountains.

Are you offering equipment rentals?

No. Equipment rentals are not available at this time. Members are encouraged to bring their own small equipment, where possible.

What’s closed?

To reduce the number of potential touchpoints the following services and amenities will be closed for now, based on recommendations:

  • Showers
  • Massage Therapy
  • Towel Service
  • Lockers - day use lockers are available
  • Equipment Rentals


How far in advance am I able to book my workout?

You will be able to book your workout up to 24 hours in advance, depending on space availability.

When will intramurals start again?

Are the changerooms and washrooms open?

Washroom facilities are open but members are NOT permitted to change in the washrooms. Proper physical distancing must be maintained at all times. Watch for new protocols, and any changes in capacity, on signs posted outside the washrooms.

Changerooms will remain closed for the time being. They will reopen in the coming months. Individuals must come ready for their workout.

Are lockers available?

Only day use locker rentals are currently available. We are looking to reopen longer term rentals at a later date. Members may also take their bags with them to their workout pods.

Are showers available?

No. Showers will not be available when the WSRC first reopens. They will reopen at a later date.

What about Group Fitness Classes?

Western Campus Recreation will be adhering to Ontario provincial guidelines as well as new room space physical capacities where applicable. Visit shop.westernmustangs.ca and select Facility Reservation Access to view our Fitness Class options.

Will Campus Recreation continue to have digital offerings?

Yes. Past digital classes are available. Campus Recreation will be using a hybrid approach where needed, with a mix of in-person programming (indoor and outdoor) and online digital programming, to service both students on-campus and students who will be studying remotely in the fall. In-person programming will be phased in as allowed.

How will varsity bookings for athletes and teams work?

A booking protocol has been messaged to coaches and players.

For more information on Mustangs Sports:


For more information on Western and Covid-19:



Western is committed to achieving barrier free accessibility for persons with disabilities studying, visiting and working at Western.  Please let us know if you require information in alternative formats or if any other arrangements can make our services accessible to you.