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Casing the Joint

Casing the Joint

Drawing from a personal interest, students will create a sculpture, installation or performance that draws from related in-depth research into this interest. Students may work in any materials of their choosing, as long as they consider how their interest is visually incorporated into a critically engaged artwork. Students are encouraged to push conventional ideas of what ‘research’ could be. The final form should show a thorough investigation of an idea, phenomena or material.

February 25 – March 14, 2015
Opening Reception: March 26 > 5-7PM

Danielle Brideau
Lucas Cabral
Amy Cunningham
Yara El Safi
Jamie Ofner
Alisa Pacan
Kevin Parker
Robin Scott
Lindsay Stockhamer
Kaitlin Strong
Michael Usling
Abby Vincent
Daniel Welsh

TA Michael Farnan
Professor Kelly Jazvac

Artlab Gallery
Department of Visual Arts
John Labatt Visual Arts Centre
Perth Drive, London, Ontario, Canada

For more information please contact:
Susan Edelstein, Gallery Director