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Stephen Mueller at the Artlab Gallery

The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present Stephen Mueller’s exhibition entitled Missing Person. His performative works intend to “activate” the gallery space in a different way each day throughout the duration of the exhibition. Constructed around institutional and technological limits, each multifarious performance is described through combinations of media: posted signs, audio recordings, contact with the outside world via cell phones and video streams, which become part of a larger frame of reference—one of specimen, archive, and mediated memory. The “active” component of his performances occurs when the marginalized instance appears within a social arena, as surprise and poignant revelation. Mueller's performances open a space for observers to rethink the ways in which we apprehend, describe, and remember reality while recognizing a memetic cultural lineage.

A native of Windsor, Stephen Mueller lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. He holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor and an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Calgary. His durational performance-based installation work has been exhibited across Canada, including Visualeyez 13 at Latitude 53 in Edmonton (2012), M:ST 7 Performative Arts Festival in Calgary (2014), the 2011 AGW Windsor-Essex Biennial, and numerous solo and group exhibitions at artist-run centres and off-site/pop-up locations in St. John’s, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor, and London. He is currently a project-based PhD candidate in Art and Visual Culture at Western University.

Performance Schedule

Sept 17 Thursday (12-6) Basia Bulat Lip-Sync Broadcast
Sept 18 Friday (12-6) Waiting Room Double
Sept 20 Sunday/Monday (10am-10am)Twenty Four Hour Hug*
Sept 21 Monday (12-6) Hug Remains*
Sept 22 Tuesday (12-6) Pepper's CRT Teleprompter
Sept 23 Wednesday (12-6) Telekinesis Tries (w/Stalker Demo)
Sept 24 Thursday (12-6) Blood Walk for Dad
Sept 25 Friday (12–6) Readymade Chronologies
Sept 28 Monday (12–6) EVP Ghost Hunt
Sept 29 Tuesday (12–6) Banshee Chapter Tableau Drone
Sept 30 Wednesday (12–6) Craigslist Furniture/Relic Swap

Reception: Thursday, September 17, 5–7pm

Contact: Troy David Ouellette

Acting Artlab Gallery Director 

(519) 661-2111 x86186

John Labatt Visual Arts Centre

University of Western Ontario

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