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Ronnie Clarke - Self Control

image: Performance piece and video work “Self-Control" by by former VAS 2250 student Ronnie Clarke - Awarded the Faculty Award at the 2015 Artlab Gallery, Annual Juried Exhibition

A few spots are still available in our second and third year media courses. Enroll online today!

VAS 2250 Introduction to Contemporary Media - Instructor: Christof Migone

VAS 2250 Introduction to Contemporary Media is an in-depth full-year introduction to time-based and electronic media. The course centers around video, sound, web and performance art. Students will receive plenty of practical production experience, all contextualized in the relevant critical, conceptual, theoretical, and historical discourses of the field.

To view examples of the artwork produced in last year’s class visit the class project blog: http://berealisticdemandtheimpossible.com 

This course is open to online registration. Please email the course instructor, Christof Migone cmigone@uwo.ca if you have any questions.

VAS 3356A Advanced Media Art - Instructor: Daniela Sneppova

VictoriaDelleDonne Video Still

Video still: Orbulations by BFA alumna and former 4th year Advanced media student Victoria DelleDonne

VAS 3356A Advanced Media Art explores the creative process in the production of video and audio media. Through lecture, screenings, discussions, workshops and experimentation in the lab, each student will advance his or her art practice at the technical and conceptual levels, completing 3 studio projects utilizing audio and video media.

To view examples of works created by students in this class, visit the 2013 class website: http://instruct.uwo.ca/visual-arts/3352/ 

This course is open to online registration. Please email the course instructor, Daniela Sneppova dsneppov@uwo.ca  if you have any questions.