VAS/VAH 4485 Curatorial Practice

Beneath the Surface - Artlab Gallery

Have you ever wanted to curate an exhibition or work in a museum? If so, VAS/VAH 4485 Curatorial Practice is the course for you. In this class you will learn about museums, and will work with other students, museum professionals and others, to design and mount an exhibition.

This participatory museum studies course introduces students to the technical aspects of museum work as well as the ethical ramifications of these methods as they are applied in art, history, and ethnographic museums. The course includes both theoretical and practical components, and moves from introducing students to the history of and debates over the philosophical nature of museums, through a process resulting in the development of a critically sophisticated curated exhibition. Including field trips, discussions with professionals in the field, and study of major exhibit controversies and debates about the politics of memory and visual display, this course considers current issues faced by museum in the twenty-first century.

Until it is full, this class is open for online registration to students in 3rd and 4th year who have taken at least one 2000 level essay course and who have an interest in museums, art history, history, anthropology, etc. or by permission of the department. If you are interested please contact the Visual Arts Undergraduate Chair at

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