WAVE/FORM | A night of Noise at Vibrafusion Lab

wave form

Western University’s Advanced Sound Art Class taught by Christof Migone presents WAVE/FORM. Wave as the mode of communication, the call and answer, the ongoing attempt at understanding. Form as the physical object, the location and destination of vibration, the space of sound.

Four solo projects, begun in January: Michelle Bunton's ’Sound/Space,' a sonic transference of space, one place to living in another. Amy Cunningham's ‘Hello? House Series,' a physical noise conversation between person and thing. Sean T. Cox's ‘Left,' an exploration of the natural resonance of objects. Heather MacCrone's ‘Line,' a study of memorization through voice and visual representation.

April 11th, 5-7pm

Vibrafusion Lab.
355 Clarence St.