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Vault Practicum Exhibition


Practicum Exhibition
March 20 - April 7, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday March 20th > 7 - 9PM
Remarks: 7:30PM

VAULT represents the yearlong artistic explorations of the Studio Arts Practicum class of 2014/15.The works in VAULT bring together diverse production from areas of competitive sport, materiality, craft, and the blurred boundaries of identity, performance, and sexuality.

A vault can be a number of things: a room, a space, a chamber, or a place to guard and protect the contents within. This year's class, instructed by Professors Kelly Wood and Patrick Howlett, looks forward to opening the doors of our VAULT on Friday March 20th 2015.

Artists: Randi Aiken, Megan Arnold, Mariah Bailey, Cayley Cowan, Victoria Delle Donne, Taylor Doyle, Jamie Dronyk, Amy Harrington, Mitchell Kemp, Odre Lefebvre, Francesca Mak, Faith Patrick, Nicholas Reddon, Angelika Schulz, Mackenzie Sinclair, Erik Skouris, Jennifer Stevenson, and Dev Vasile.

Students from the Practicum class gratefully acknowledge financial assistance received from the University Students’ Council, the Arts & Humanities Student Donation Fund and the Artlab Gallery. 

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